Thursday, August 31, 2006

and no, i didn't go nj or back to crescent to celebrate teacher's day.
i went back to where i started from; my kindergarten and my child care center ((:
and yes, my teachers are still there. years after i graduate.
they are not much different from whom they were 10 years ago. so long.

i really admire them. i can't picture myself in the same job for 10 years after suffering from all these uncertainties through these few years.

2 years ago we were still laughing that there's no goodbyes for us cos' we would be in the same church till we grow old and now, we are all walking our own talk.

it's all these, all these things that made me skeptical about life.
there's nothing forever in this life, except the love of God.
but even my faith for Him is wavering. oh forgive me!

i no longer believe in forevers
it only exists in fairytales, where characters live happily ever after.
characters are two-dimensional.
but are we? of course not.
i guess that's the primary reason why forevers are not applicable to us.

was in a sappy mood today after finishing a nicholas sparks' book.
rented 'the notebook' and indulged in my sappy-ness.
haha. so sappy.
but i concluded love hurts. it destroy you completely. inside out.
yet, till death do us part.

i wanna look good. on that day.
haha i am bloody random.

i think j o akim go mez looks like you.

oasis gives me a damn rocker feeling.
it's serenading me 'so sally can wait...'

i feel like taking back my words.
what's one year man? i think i can do better.
but again, who knows of the future? since the 'future freaks me out'

guanyou dreamt of asking me for a date and i replied that i need to do my ODE.
(ODE aka ordinary differential equations. a bloody maths topic)
damn. is it a prophecy? that my results will be ODE? HAHA
stupid guanyinma. anyway, i saw ur dad on ystd's straits times today ((:

only 3 guys turned up for school today. woohoo. n a i r must be boiling mad.

i love kaijie and his weird expressions :D
my oh-so-weird maths class. we are really weird and mr s ong is WEIRDER! he actually joins in the crap and came up with this pins-rewarding system.

it wasn't maths lessons. we were having neoprints session :D

our maths-symbols DEAD whale ((: the eyes is a dita (is this how you spell it? and the tail is a sigma sign! with 'mui' waves and a normal curve body (that's bloody obvious!)
us and the caricature :D


Wednesday, August 30, 2006

we all have same hair, face and body!! and liyana was proud that she has a ribbon (we all have a ribbon o_0oo!

a very happy A01 without the trio (dora, terence and samuel) and WHERE IS RHODA?

mr l e ong is so super nice.
i really wonder what've happen to him!!!! $&#^%#&%
so nice that we decided to buy him a teachers' day gift ((:

happy teacher's day in advance!
it's a holiday for all of us :D

i recieved a sms from bakwei just now and it's pastor cheah's one year death anniversary.
that tuesday that rained non-stop.
at that instance, my heart sank. one year. so long yet so soon.
one year of disputes. one year of unrest. one year of major change.
at that time, we were still mourning and fasting, and now we are in our own self-indulged worlds.
i am guilty.

i pray that my faith will not waver, while is obviously did
there's so much things to pray for forgiveness.
i just pray that You'll bring me away soon, before i commit more sins.

For all who still walk in vanity's way, there is still hope if you don't delay.
Life is too short for trival craves. God must be sought before grave. -bw-

i can't help but mourn for this moment.
his departure is much remembered.

i am moving on. everyone too.
but secretly, i am counting down.
counting down to the new meeting.
a brand new attitude. on my part

alright. some pictures we took today. more to come from guan's new cam
life is indeed too short. this world needs You.

haha. i looked all wrinkled up!

me and khairi the smart mat! with our hat and cap! it's a aerius cap!

and no, i am not cranky and mad. so flawed.

the tears stood aloof.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Twenty four oceans
Twenty four skies
Twenty four failures and
Twenty four tries
Twenty four finds me
In twenty-fourth place
Twenty four drop outs
At the end of the day

Life is not what I thought it was twenty four hours ago
Still I'm singing Spirit take me up in arms with You
And I'm not who I thought I was twenty four hours ago
Still I'm singing Spirit take me up in arms with You

There's twenty four reasons to admit that I'm wrong
With all my excuses still twenty four strong
You see I'm not copping out not copping out not copping out
When You're raising the dead in me

You're raising these twenty four voices
With twenty four hearts
All of my symphonies
In twenty four parts
But I want to be one today
Centered and true

Monday, August 28, 2006

i miss superband )):
there's this weird comedy show on channel 8.
weird o_O"'

i will never be a comedian. HAHA! qiling can be one :D

today's the last official school day ((:
like finally

'there's trouble i' this world, and there's things as we can niver make out the rights on. And all we've got to do is trusten, Master Marner - to do the right thing as fur as we know, and to trusten."

all we've got to do is trusten.

liyana asked, "is coming to nj a Providence?
haha. me and siew went stunned.
we gave a very politically qn. HURHUR!
"it's definitely a Providence but definitely a journey filled with trials and tribulations."

so true. a Providence yet filled with trials.
and through this, i've learnt so much about myself.
ain't gonna whine about this experience anymore.
i had enough. has been almost 2 years.

ystd was a good night :D
and i see a new life. soon.
move on, pals.

pi, i found new strength. i am resolute and resolved.
i hope you find yours too. for now, just wait
wait and be patient.

as for now, i will try to be all geared up for prelims and alevels :D
ok go study ger. i will. for His glory.

bye friends. bye girlfriend. bye worldlings.
we don't run along. we move along.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

my heart leaped. mind's in a whirlpool.

why can't you freaking get a girl and move on?

sometimes what your heart wants to do is not the most rational thing to do.

i am not invited.
never will be.
i will be cut off.
and when i make my decision and leave,
it's the end.

everything's in a mess.
it's just pushing me further and further away.

i am weird. i enjoy reading orbituaries.

the red dot designer's flea was a flop.
this world is a flop.

i need a replacement.

Saturday, August 26, 2006


alr. it's quite an understatement for an acheivement. but it has been a tiring time for me.
it really sucks to take lit.
you've to read long preachy books and poems, funny wordings like 'thou art thou', weird concepts about dehorning a cow, a play that only happens in the house and try to criticise on almost everything


alright. i was just whining cos' i really like lit.
but can't we simply read and not do anything?

i went onto the ducktour with the junior class ystd :D
though i didn't spend my last cip with the preschool class, it was still a blast!

highly tiring! i was responsible for chong boon. he's highly hyper.
i could feel my energy seeping out of me every second.
anyway, i ganna spat at again! for the 4th time

there's just something between spitting at them
i guess, it's their easiest form of showing displeasure to the authority.

anyway, it has been a rewarding time for me. the entire span.
the swimming. the travelling. changing diapers, bringing them to toilets and aiyeah everything
don't call me annie, call me nanny.

HAHA! it rhymes :D

i hate laksa. it makes my stomach churns.
but i like the taupok and clams )):

the breakup is a dumb show.

i saw the idol finalists at westmall today. lucky i didnt hear them sing.
and the westmall's arcade do not have DRUMANIA! are they living in the stone age?!!??!!?!

this looks extremely gorgeous :D

the postcard views of singapore (according to the duck tourguide)

honestly, i think singapore looks great despite it's skyscrapers. singapore is trying very hard to come out with unique architecture designs. the new supreme court looks like a UFO! haha! funny! i think the old one looks nicer ((:

tata. i'm gng to the designer flea tmrw :D

gp prelims in 4days time! whoosh.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

my last PE lesson for my whole entire life was a BLAST! :D
(though only less than half the class turned up for pe? and half of that half went to donate blood and got rejected?)

haha! that's not the point!
anw, the leftovers were me, siewpeng, cheryl, guanyou and KAIJIE! and we played free and melt, pepsi cola and HIDE AND SEEK! :D

the hide and seek's finale was damn dramatic!
siew and cheryl went to hide behind this bush on the other side of the soccer field which is near the school fence. so they sat there and chatted and waved to all the buses and cars then passed by njc. so me and kaijie went to join them and guanyou came after that (but kj left already!) so the 4 of us (me, cheryl, siew and guan!) stood on that little 'hill' and waved to all the buses that passed by!! it was bloody hilarious! and i did the 'yoz' sign and screamed damn loudly!


anw, this year's blood donation drive was damn successful! alas, only 2 out of the many representatives from our class are allowed to donate blood! amy and atiqah are our heros!! :D but it's ok! EFFORT EFFORT! it's the thought that counts! ((:

humans tend to be highly selective when it comes to sharing and friendships.
at this pointof life, this friend could be trustworthy and reliable, a definite support to your misery. you just wanna tell this friend everything. yet the next moment, this friend just ain't there anymore and they simply cut you away from their lives.

this is the paradox of life, according to annie ((:
human hearts are fickle.

anw, mr lee from jgs called me to accompany the junior class to suntec tmrw for the duck tour!
but, they don't have enough space for me for the duck tour )):
so i am supposed to wait for them at suntec and then accompany them around suntec!!
nvm, it's still sounds fun for my last cip activity with them (for this year at least!) ((:
and i am going to visit jean at fishandco! :D

why can't i just do things that i enjoy, rather than studying my ass off?
i really don't see a point.

"My heart is as frail as a dove
And my spirit is as weak as a rose
See my sorrow, feel my pain
You're my refuge, You're my reason,
My strength in this beautiful place
That's where I find God

You're in my heart, You're in my soul
You are my heaven, You're my home
You're my best friend, You're my true love
You are my treasure, You're my God"
The Afters - You

"I'm in too deep and I'm trying to keep
Up above in my head instead of going under
Cause I'm in too deep and I'm trying to keep
Up above in my head instead of going under"
Sum41 - in too deep

LOVE IT! ((:

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

i watched the entire singapore idol for the first time and i think it's highly hilarious.
haha. when k e n said, 'this silence is even better than what you sang!'
so bloody hilarious!
and how they kept emphasizing "VOTE FOR TALENTS!"
come on lah. got talent meh? h a r d y the best le lor. sia lah!

just saw mr v i v i a n on the tv! me and jas took a picture with him!!!
the billboard near the bukit timah food centre! :D
he actually sounds like mr m e n o n.
haha. the same breed! :D

i think the a02 really win our class. they are really very loud.
nvm. we can merge class! since now i've close sisters-in-law in a02!! my mlwives :D

econs mock was madness. 2hrs 15mins for 3 bloody essays?
damn. just anyhow whacked lah!
at least i attempted 3 qns ((:

what a shit life.

yesterday night, i fell into my friend's trip.
some bloody dumb quiz and i am so bloody dumb to fall into it. ARGH!
however, i've gain an insight of myself.
i am so adament. so single-minded.
why am i so stuck?

i am supposed to reply a sms.

i dare not

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

life has been tiring. very tiring indeed.
according to liyana, sleeping is now termed as a luxury.

i took a nap yesterday and i overslept.
was supposed to wake up at 4 but i woke up at 5 instead.
i was really flustered.
the opportunity cost is really really high.
my friend just simply commented, "one hour only what!"
but to us, one hour is like a lot a lot!
i can finish revising 2-3 chapters of maths, 1 chapter of econs and perhaps a little analysis for lit.

at least, this is my mentality now.
and now, i am wasting another 1 hr typing an entry.

everyone's going mad in school. mad in the crazy way.
screaming at the top of the lungs. laughing hideously. doing tyra's snapping finger stunt.
i guess everything's a blessing in disguise ((:
thank God ((:

self-proclaiming a break tmrw :D
a break from school but not from revision )):

i guess i need more time with my inner self.
needing that solace, that quieten self.
i see myself change. drastically. i could not even judge whether it's for good or for worse.

it has definitely been a long way.

elliot is amazing!
her book makes a perfect bedtime story, but the message is right in the bull's eye.
her story is simple and clear-cut. yet her message is almost reflective of all human nature.
i think Godfrey is a puppet, easily manipulated, easily influenced, but he's a nice guy.

i wanna snug in my couch, with a cup of mocha and read a nice book.
busking in a blue sky holiday.
is it too much to ask for?

love once, love forever.
-nancy lammenter.

i've been trying very hard to communicate with you, but it's seriously draining me out. it seems as if everything has changed and the responses i get are all words of disinterest. it's really a pity that things have turned out like this. it's definitely not what i want. it's true that i'm to blame, but it was done after much deliberation and rationalising within myself. you just can't simply assume it's due to petty reasons. yes, it's true that these reasons are part of the reason of my action but it's not entirely so.
it has been hard on me. on you too.

this world is damn unfair.
i am petty, so is everyone.

is it good to be too rigid in our principles and morals?
is flexiblity in our principles and morals a sigh of weakness in faith?

you'll have all the time in the world
with me.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

"Goodbye, old friend
Goodbye, goodnight
I'll move on
You'll call it fate, I'll call it karma
We had our time, it was fun
While it lasted"
silverstein- call it karma.

"I don't quite know how to say how I feel
Those three words are said too much
They're not enough

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me
And just forget the world
Forget what we're told
Before we get too old
Show me a garden that's bursting into life"
snow patrol - chasing cars.

freaking nice songs ((:

"I'll sing it one last time for you
Then we really have to go
You've been the only thing that's right
In all I've done

To think i might not see those eyes
Makes it so hard not to cry
And as we say our long goodbyes
I nearly do

Light up, light up
As if you have a choice
Even if you can not hear my voice
I'll be right beside you dear
snow patrol - run

so bittersweet.

on the sidenote, more pictures

i love this! that's a tomato in my mouth and a bun in gin's mouth.

the very happy 18yr old girl :D

I do believe it's true,
That there are roads left in both of our shoes.
But if the silence takes you,
Then I hope it takes me too.
So brown eyes I'll hold you near,
Cuz you're the only song I want to hear;
A melody softly soaring through my atmosphere.
Where soul meets body.
deathcab for cutie - soul meets body

i wanna fly to uk to meet these bands!
but i think local bands are good too -look at my husband-

but i feel that s'pore is really slow in the arts and music industry.
all these music have been around since late 1990s and they only got popular in s'pore recently.
all the emopunk, punk rock, indie rock and blah

being robbed of tears.
timing is everything, that i do not have.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

august is a bad month )):
i am terribly broke now!

nienie outing ((:
guardian force outing ((:

sorry mommy.

please do not watch ghost camp if you've a weak heart.

we finally celebrated gin's bday at marina bay for steamboat and drumania ((:
haha! love you girl! :D
the bond is always there -promise-

ch and bao's bday celebration was hilarious too ((:
i love image 2001 but someone bought my armour for sleep's shirt )):
we got a nice junkfood shirt for bao though :D

there are some people in live you will never regret meeting.
there are also those you wished you would never meet.

my fellow lost mates (:
studying makes liyana mad :D

my tiger ah soh and the demanding customer who is 'sensitive' to coke.

zean on drums :D she is damn pro in it now!

give me a reason not to hate you. argh.

next week will be my last cip. just when i think the kids are getting used to me, so are the teachers. i have to leave.

when everything is so fine. how could things just change suddenly. without rhyme or reason.


thanks pi. i know exactly how u feel. i don't think u are flawed in any way. to me, u're the best.

i miss crescent. i miss the car ride to school every morning. the icecream man at redhill station. i miss the mixed rice aunty and uncle. i miss the sunny side up. i miss our 4c3 garden. i miss the route to school. i miss mass run. i miss folk dancing. i miss cgssb. i miss c3 and c2. i miss mrs gek. i miss ethanol seah. i miss ru pa. i miss mr lim. i miss so much so much more )):

went back crescent for alumni band prac ((: not effective but heartwarming, nostalgic.

i love crescent

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

there's a notes-stealer in my house!!
i am losing all my notes!

to date, i've lost
my entire hughes' text, my stats book 2.

and also almost lost my entire jewellery-making set, which includes the beads, chains, the pliers and etc.

i hate the murphy's law )):

argh. i am tired. ain't gonna study tonight then.

and congrats, i spent 2hrs packing my notes and cataloguing them and that's all i did today.
woohoo. at least i am starting to prepare myself to mug.

i am having a bad baddd stomachache. argh! )):

oh! i formed a new clique with bengah and christine.
we are the mlwife ((:
with common interests, we are made one.


Monday, August 14, 2006

i realised i am not exactly an econs student.
i realised i am merely enjoying my lit text and not analysing it.

haha. i am so ready for prelims and alevels WHAT!

anyway, yesterday was indeed a drama day. (just when i said my life was monotonous.)

i went for a change and took a bus to church instead of the train. so when i was waiting at the bus stop near my aunt's place, i sat beside an indian man who looked damn dishevelled. he got overgrowing hair all over him in all shades of black and white and seriously, he stinks. so i just assumed he was a vagrant and not a mad man.
and he was talking to himself lah!

okie. being the daring (or shld i say dumb?) me, i happily sat beside him and patiently wait for my bus to arrive. so he started banging the chair (the aluminium ones at the bus stop) and shouted, "hey miss, hey miss!" and when he realised i wasn't much responding, he talked to 'someone' new. he saw an indian man alight from a bus and he started calling his fellow indians, "abu nehneh"

anw, for don't know what reason, i turned to look at him and he sorta started talking to me AGAIN!

him: miss miss, do you speak english?
me: no.

damn. i realised i was damn dumb to even reply him. so i quickly turned away and whipped out my phone and act busy. he started mumbling to himself and said i was damn kancheong *!*$&!&*#^#_$!&$ and blah blah blah.

suddenly, the chair shook and he stood up. i was damn scared that he was going to pounce on me or smth so i looked at him. i think he was rather offended and he started scolding me!!!!

me: WHAT!
him: YOU CHEENAKUI (chinese ghost)

then he walked away. anw, he shat in his own pants. cos he put his hands on his pants and smelt it and gave this damn disgusted look. and when he was across the street, he was staring at me.

anyway, i know i shldn't have rebutted him and thank God that he wasn't an aggressive mad man, or else i wouldn't be reillustrating the account. but at that point of time, i was really pissed. he was scolding me for NO reason and apparently i was bad mooding that's why the bus trip instead of mrt.

it kinda traumatised me for the entire morning and i decided not to go to fe and started taking bus and wandering around. i ended up at macritchie reservoir.

thank God for mel and lyd. lucky they were awake or else i wouldn't have survived.

anw, i decided to visit my sister's church! Hope of God Singapore.
and it was nice ((:

they had the best message out of the so many charismatic churches that i've attended.
at least theirs have substance.

and my sis hangs out with the music ministry. the guitarists, bassist, keyboardists, drummer and vocalists. it was kinda cool sharing guitar info with the experienced guitarists! and he was SO SUPER HILARIOUS! ((:

had lunch and listened to the adults talk. actually, they pretty much talk what we talk.
not much of a GG (generation gap) lah! haha! (in case my sis reads my blog)
but it was fun enough! ((:

there was this hokkien kid, kiki. he's so super cute and he let me carry him!!! according to jiejie, he doesn't really let strangers carry him. he was so super shy!! and his mum is another darling.
she asked me to wait for another 20years to marry him!
CRAZY! i would be like 38 yrs old and he's only 23!!!

anw, the rest of the day was spent shopping in chinatown! ((:
a revamped chinatown is HIP!!
both me and my sis are major shopaholics lah!

people, MUST GO!

what a drama sunday
and what a drama post.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

i deleted my entry that i wrote yesterday.
it was such a mundane entry.
why can't i spice up my life?
where is my spice?
i just feel like sleeping and eating my life away
isn't it better?

i saw something. strangely, my heart was calmed.
nice picture )):

i feel like biting someone.

alright. arghs.

nbm says find someone to wear the calculator watch. but before that


and that's my watch beside that paul frank watch! :D
haha. casio has really nice scientific calculator watch too!
i think calculator watch is the new in thing ((: even paul frank's designers feel so too :D

i am feeling deadly guilty
but honestly, i was really affected by.
that's why the craze with the watch

this is madness.
i am miserably mad. haha.
and also aimlessly mad.

this is insane. serious.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

haha! this is damn random!
but i finally found out the name of that superhost guy who was sitting behind me and jean! ((:

he's gerald ng bo rong. (click here)
anw, they asked him this question:

question: A well-known, difficult-to-please and diva-like celebrity over-runs your LIVE programme with his/her non-stop chatter, what would you do to cut him/her off?

answer: “Ah, your watch is so nice! It suits you to a ‘T’! Where did you get it? Bring me to the shop after the show ok? Why don’t we go now? Let’s go!”

HAHA! so hilarious! 'suit you to a T' HAHA!
i think he looks so much better now, but ermx. yeah. haha

him at the superband thingy. i was RIGHT IN FRONT of him!!

he was damn hilarious. i bet jean agrees in unison. so do the 4 girls in front of us! ((:

alright. enough of randomness! ((:

trio mugging camp ((:
was supposed to have picnic at west coast park, but in the end, we ended up slugging in wh's room, letting him served us and rot the day away.

it was quite a productive mugging camp actually. I AM SERIOUS
i was the monopoly champion! lyd's the rumbukuk (however you spell it) champion. xl's the cluedo champion :D

haha. it seems like we were back to secondary school days when we just play and play.
perception and reality is a stark contrast.

last night, i was thinking about that night.
under the same nightsky, around the same area ((:

and as i was thinking, i slowly drifted into sleep.
so near yet so far.

that's not the point actually.
stupid xl lah. woke us up at ten-ish!!! so super early -yells-
so we played more games and yeah, went back to mug )):

some pictures on shuyi's bday ((:

this is so super awesome ((:

i love the moon :D

went to play drums today((: but i miss jean.


`across the street.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

it's a wonder how we will celebrate our birthdays 20 years down the road.
will we be laden with milk bottles and diapers or will we be successful career women?

our topics have turned from crescent days' bloopers to what university courses to take.
we have grown so much. year by year. days by days.
looking back, those days were gone.

maybe in 2o years time, we will have rojak-ians in these fields: dentistry, sociology, applied sciences, interior designing, fashion designing and social work ((:
so cool :D

shuyi's bday is always filled with fireworks, fireworks and MORE fireworks, but this year, we added sparklers into the celebration ((:

the cheese pizza at pizza hut is rather nice. do go and try it ((:
singapore's fireworks pales in comparison to those in disneyland.

was supposed to go wala wala and chill or just essential obrew. but shuyi needa rush home to cut cake. hmm. i guess this is the last rojak meeting before we end our prelims.

alevels' life sucks.

hmm. it's a wonder how others can just leave everything behind and get on with life while others just hold on to the past so tightly and often mixed up the reality with the past.
poor amanda. poor wingsfield family.

just finished 'the time-traveller's wife' today.
and i am glad i've decided to reread it and finish it. finally.
it was really touching. it's like how i yearn love to be.
it's fine to not have the guy there always, but it's really important that i've the commitments, the security.
the worst thing to feel in a relationship is to be insecure.

"every minute of my dad's life since my mum's death has been marked by her absence, every action has lacked dimension because she is not there to measure against. And when i was young I didn't understand, but now, I know, how absence can be present, like a damaged nerve, like a dark bird."

absence. how true is this?

i hate familiarity. they made me smile and wallow in self-pity simultaneously.
i often wonder if things didn't stop there, how would it be like now?

thanks melvin. you are the greatest friend ever ((:
i guess it's all about sharing and letting each other know what's going in our lives.
and thank God for everything; understanding and the ability to let Him guard our lives.

oh! i totally forgotten the nd celebration in school today ((:
haha! congrats to kaijie! i think u did a great job for aerius!
ao1 did a mosh-pit for amos' (a choir jnr whom i don't know) band. it was kinda embarrassing to jump infront of the whole school but all was fine! was kinda fun actually ((:

oh! and today's supposedly the last band performance for njcsb :D
though i am not supposed to blog abt it, i am dng so cos' today's performance was kinda crap.

hope the little juniors like our presents. i thought it was really nice ((:
thanks yanru and nat for the nice memories that was left.

liyana, if you are reading this, i'm so sorry for alighting halfway.
guess i was pretty much too indecisive. maybe i just wasn't prepared to face the notes.

trio's mugging camp starts tml :D
life's without njc is good. but many people just keep telling me-
a few more months and you will be gone or you will miss it when you leave.
i would prefer the former.

the blogger is kinda screwed. i guess i can't upload the pictures.

goodnight worldlings
and happy national day ((:

Sunday, August 06, 2006

pink is the new green and red ((:
but still old love overides the new change.
so it's still green and red for me :D

anw, murphy's law really works! i got the superband tickets in the end!
thanks janvin and friends ((:

jean and i are forever doing the craziest thing on earth!
who goes all the way to marina to play arcade?
who goes all the way to expo to join the superband craze?

we met in town for jean to cut her hair, me to repair my watch and dinner (supposedly) but in the end, we skipped our dinner cos while looking for my new vintage watch, we were almost running later for the superband finals!!

so we mrt-ed our way to expo and boy, there were already a whole load of people at expo!!
we spotted this group of pinksters (mlb's colour is pink), a load of lucify-ians and another whole herd of people. mostly were teenagers like us.

so we queued for a little while a policeman entertained us with his "it's a Uturn! it's a Uturn!" (haha!) we found a place among the mlb crowd (you shld know i am quite a mlb fan if u are an avid reader of my blog).

we made new friends! fellow mlb-ians.
met this super high guy (a contestant of the superhost competition!) and his friend who was an njc-ian too from 01A01!
Ao1 rawks :D
the guy was a loads of fun! with his chanting. screamings and actions!

aiyeah. i am too lazy to reillustrate the entire account. haha
in a nutshell, MLB WON and i am very delighted ((:
and the whole atmosphere was very high! :D

i wanna go for planetshakers' concert but i needa study!
argh. moral dilemna.

somehow the exams stress are catching up with me quite fast.
it's like there but not there actually.

cip was fun again! ((: it's like something to look forward to every friday
(but things can get quite monotonous over time)

the preschool classes went travelling :)
went beauty world for exploration. shop and save. taking the escalators. looking at different shops. letting the kids mix with the real world.

and mrs chin really touched me.
she's a kind and saintly teacher. those kind with really nice temper, a really caring personality and a really passionate heart. she puts others before self, not to the kids alone but also to me.

so we went to this agaragar shop on the top floor of beauty world.
and this granny (the stallholder) was patting the kids' heads and talking to mrs chin.

granny: it's such a hard job isn't it? you must have a lot of patience and love. so noble
her: no, it's nothing much. it's their parents who are so full of love. we only take care for 5 hours a day, but their parents are going to look after for the rest of their life.

she spoke with so much love, so much admiration for the parents.

all this spur me on. i NEED to go into university.

i badly want to form a band!
or should i just play in a church band?

some pictures then! ((:

the man behind the keyboard

the rest of the pictures are as small as these. and as grainy too )):

they have indeed come a long way. so did i.
it was such a long and ardous journey.

Mmm, what you say?
Mm, that you only meant well? Well, of course you did.
Mmm, what you say?
Mm, that it's all for the best? Ah off course it is.
Mmm, what you say?
Mm, that it’s just what we need? And you decided this.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

for the first time, i planted myself on a chair and try to do my literature essay.
and for the first time, i immersed myself in the woes of old age
and for the first time, i truly explored my poems in depth (as compared to the many failed attempts)

and i am greatly traumatised )):

on the way to school today, i met an old man in his late sixies, early seventies. He wore a neatly-ironed shirt, carrying a cloth suitcase. He has a hairstyle of the sixties and it was greyish white. He forced his way through the crowd, hoping that some kind soul will give up their seat to him. He walked past a few njc-ians and no one stood up to give him a seat and guess what were they doing? MUGGING!

it was like a view from the bridge. i see everything from a bird eye's view.
and i am disgusted.

anw, back to the old man.
by the time he squeezed through the crowd, there were two empty seats in front of me. one were taken by a middle-aged man and i stood there, guarding the precious for the old man. He smiled at me once and sat down.

so as i stood beside his seat, i saw his 'wasting skin'. his cheeks protruding and hands as skinny as sticks. he looks happy though. don't know.
somehow, he just seems happy.

and at that point, it struck me. am i going to be like this when i am old?
sagging skin and fragile frame?
that's the inevitable phase in life, isn't it?

"What shall i do with this absurdity-
O heart, O troubled heart- this caricature,
Decrepit age that has been tied to me
As to a dog's tail"

just lonely wait for my endless rest?

anw, today's hockey was fun fun! haha!
pomp pomp arh!!! :D

strangely, i love studying in TA38 alone. (not during noontime when it's like sweltering hot)
i love the silence, just the sound of the turning fans and the occasional footsteps outside and also the chirping of the birds! ((:
it's quiet. it's serene. it's peaceful to the mind. ((:
somehow, ca6 has just slowly crept out of our lives.

i think i am an evil person.
this heart is deceitful.

haha. sotong ball eye is really cute ((:

i forsee a good week ahead ((: rojak dinner, trio mugging camp! WOOHOO!
i spend all my life with crescent people and i am happy.
at least they release me from my grey agony.
what's fear for old age, when u've suffered nj life.

one more econs essay to go to peace the week.
down with essays.

this j2 life sucks.

oh and the 9pm show sucks. why is that michelle girl forever acting as someone so detestable.
in meteor garden also!!! argh! and this hk drama serial!
can't the tv producers let me like her for once?
but haha! she never gets the guy!!

i curse you to die last! WHAHAHA!
more hair more life ((:

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

i am having flu like monthly menses.
i was sick in june, in july and again in august )):

i seriously think that the grey school is draining my health and soul away.
i used to be as fit as a bull and what's happening to me now?
falling sick every month? what a life. it really sucks. argh

mr d i o is a total genius! he's like near perfect! he knows 9 languages (according to him) and he got a near perfect score for MENSA (a genius test according to qiling).
he also took psychology of maths, science, arts in university.
holy cows. what brains do he have?
and most of all, he's not thr typical mug-a-lot type; he's so different lah!

anw, the question that d i o asked today was
"how do you know maths is maths and arts is arts?"
and what is the "Zeno paradox".
i thought maslow, murphy, aristotle were the greatest theorists of all. damn. i was so wrong.
zeno is mad. what kind of theory was that?

wondering what is 'zeno paradox'? go check it out! (click here)

a man died after an operation to lose weight. he went for a stomach operation and he died after the operation due to some repercussions.
what a news report when i am writing a gp essay about advertisements and vainity!

watching and reading news are actually quite interesting ((:
there's this getai singer who died and he was supposed to send to be cremated today.
a whole load of fans (getai fans!!??!!?!) went to his funeral. the family booked 10 buses to send his fans to the crematorium but it wasnt even enough!!!
and another load of fans have to walk all the way there?!!??!!!

haha. what an interesting community!!

nienie msn chat :D so cute ((:
i miss fannymommy )):

how's life?
i don't even know how to understand this question.
what's the benchmark? what's the yardstick? what should be the comparison?

a china man found out that his wife is a guy after 3 months??!!??!!
and now, he's so embarrassed by his flop, he has to leave his community

this world is really quite warped