Saturday, August 18, 2007

i am back home again ((: and it's back to work.
part of me ain't looking forward to work but part of me do- e animals, e very very nice people!
living is such a chore.

school's fine. and that's enough said.
it's just abt going for lectures and hoping you see some familiar faces so u wont sit alone throughout.
uni life is abt yourself and more of yourself. and making some friends.

hall life is fine too. seemingly good actually ((:
i am getting used to stayin alone even though there was one night i was too afraid to fall asleep.
slpping alone is maybe one thing i might not get used to.
suppers almost every other nights are making me REAL FAT!

you know, sometimes it's better to control yourself.
it's better not to test the limits. play with fire. and get into trouble.
and when there's no expectations there wont be any disappointments.

ken zhu is on tv now!

life is definitely not a bed of roses
and things might not be what it seems.


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