Sunday, April 25, 2004

i will really love to attend all your weddings.
share your joy with me.
i can really be the bridesmaid. don't get robots please.
[internal joke]

i don't think i will get married.
sis, we will be together. the spinsters unite. |:

oh gosh. why am i thinking abt marriages?
but i think weddings are the sweetest event in life.
walking down the red aisle. in a church.
holding on to ur husband's hands.
exchanging rings and vows.
[annie come back to earth]

but in fact, which marriage will turn out to be as sweet as the puppy love?
none actually. maybe one in a million.
many marriages turn out to be a kind of responsibilty to keep it going.
rather then a kind of commitment and love.
where's that passion that both have at the start of a relationship?
does time tell everything?
i will make sure my husband will love me till death do us part.
[annie's still dreaming]

today was a w e s o m e
despite the muggings in the morning. |:
woke up to do maths.
and came to a conclusion that dng maths early in the morning is UNWISE!
watched school of rock! kinda cute. that summer. "read btw the lines!"
after that. was muggings again!!! [how interesting can this be?]
sms-ed weichen. she got the hcl stuff!
so sweet of her to meet me to pass me all the stuff!
met jonapi. nice hair! love the hair! =)
met up with dan and ch at the bball court.
they didn't change at all! gosh! i didn't change too! i think!
miss them so so so so much! =)
playing bball is no fun! and an irritating bunch of 3 dudes came.
yucks! left when they were having dinner. need to meet my nice nice snr- weichen.
waited for half an hr for her! so patient lor! thanks her so much
went back to clementi. missed the 189 bus went i reached clementi.
really wanna meet them as soon as possible,
went up to the imm bus and asked whether i can hitched a ride.
but was turned down =[
waited. waited. the bus seemed to take a thousand yrs to come!
went to buy a cake for dan. choc cake! my fave!
met them in this pool place! i sneaked in!
was so cold inside! and i played pool!!! fun fun fun!
though i was lousy! but i think i was so cool and fun!
grinning widely.
dan thought i went all the way out to buy cake.
silly lah! i'm not that nice.
i will if it was my husband! =P
but i really want my 3 bros to be happy! =)
and they added colours to my life by suaning me!! =[
went to a bball court to blow the cake!
i kopped all the strawberries!! yayeeeeeee! nicey nice!
was so cute singing bdae songs! and lame jokes!!
they were I M P R E S S E D! lalala!
played ball. hit my knuckles. it can't function properly now!
went home. and i was wrong abt the "agenda" of the 189.
was suan-ed again! wad's new!
but oh well! they are my bestest kfc pals!!
love them to MARS and back!
though i don't say it out to them cox i will be shy,
they really mean something in me!
nv forget nov 4th 2003

i will nv forget my pri sch 3 muskerteers!
my feiyue innocent partners in crimes.
my dmb gang. deb and jo.
my present outcast 3, nie nie family and rojak band.
and my kfc gang and colleagues and new-townians!
love u guys lots! though not many will read this!
but really love u guys!
added so much laughters into my life.
though we might cry and quarrel,
we nv fail to come back as one big family!
miss u guys lots!

if time can tell u how much u meant to me.
i am willing to spend all of my life just to let u know that
u have an important place in my heart.

i wanna be the sunshine of everyone's life!
i am ur sunshine, ur only sunshine~!

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

chocolates are no longer that effective.

endorphins where are u?

thanks gin, my leg no longers hurt. :]
however, the kit kat chunky can't seems to make me happy.
i need sweeter chocs... shall try kit kat caramel.

why does that stupid pft affect me so much?
it's just a pft. gosh.
maybe i am getting so worked up over everything.
it seemed to me that there are so many things to be done,
and 24 hrs don't seem to be enough for me! i need 40 hrs!

feeling mentally unstable.
can be happy for no reasons. and sad for no reasons.

Saturday, April 10, 2004

went sentosa. frm 1850 to 1910? not very sure actually.
all i remembered was running and rushing all the way.
saw gin and the dance pple. think ginny was glad that i went.
i told her i was not gng and she believed me.
afterall she knows i need to study.
mummy, i have been studying. i really did.
i have been s t u d y i n g.
don't u just understand this! arghx! help!

why does u always like to make a fuss over E V E R Y T H I N G?
i was in such a hurry to finish all my hmwk so that i can go out in peace today.
do u think i am so insensible? i am working so so hard
for YOUR sake and MINE sake.
now i concluded that i am gng to work hard for my OWN sake o n l y
[moodswing again]

getting so emotionally unstable now.
moodswinging day after day. crying for no reason.
o levels are getting on everyone's nerves.
mock tests. remedials. extra lessons. prelim papers. everything.
i think we shld treat o levels as something optimistic.
o p t i m i s t i c
okie i am happy. o levels are fun.

band today. taking pictures as usual. playing songs frm sec 1 to 3.
fun fun! love band. think i am join mu'art.
but it starts at 2pm on sun.
church ends like 1 plus? and it's at jurong west!
or join a jc band? -hmph
i dun wanna pass down my 7 mths old horn.
it's so young and new. don't wanna let it go!
arghx. i am selfish. but it's my horn! m i n e ! !
my horn is mine! my horn is mine [to the tune of neh nee (x2) boo boo]

okie. stop moodswinging already. feeling quite happy actually!
bro back frm taiwan. bought this huge bag for me!
doubt i will carry it. but i was sweet of him to buy it!
love him lots! =]

i will love u till death do us part.

Sunday, April 04, 2004

arghx. what am i dng here? supposed to be studying!! bleahz!
oh well. i went xiling's blog. her blog song is so sad.
somewhere out there
arghx. tears are brimming in my eyes. for no reason though.
talked to yuko tan.
i missed u so so so much. i really do. remember the days in sec 1 and 2.
singing our souls away? all the little stuff we do after school?
gng to ur hse for maggi mee. working together. quarrels. conflicts.
resolvements. encouragements. crez awards. SHE. and drifting.
curious abt the same guy too! rem hamzah? ahaha!
oh well. really seems as if we are hie-bye friends now.
but i will nv forget u nor yuying.
i love u so so so much.
yuying too! i love u so so so much.
i feel bad always misusing ur kindness.
though we 3 often quarrel.
yeah the good thing is that we still are friends. =)
take care yeah. life in ntss is not easy for u i think!

anddddddd to the 3 fellows at kfc. bar. dan. ch.
arghx. miss u guys so much too!.
and apparently my april fool jokes din work on u pple.
ch is such a mean person. replied me with that funny message.
and dan is worst. he din replied! blehaz! punch his face! kok his head!
anw. i really enjoyed the times. i mean though it's really quite weird for me for some times. felt really left out. after ur friendship is
like since pri 3... like whaoooooo!
i treat u guys as my partners in crime. perhaps one of those crazy friends.
so rawk on guys! miss u lots.
barneyyyyy too!
hee hee. thanks for everything yeah. u had been rather encouraging
andddddd really think that time when i see u was so funny!
like some kind of drama show.....! i really can't believed it.
it's God's will that we have this kind of fellowship.
really treasuring it. ahahah!

whao i feel like telling everyone i cares for them
and i love them till the moon and back! =) or even to MArs.
classmates. ex classmates. pri sch frens. kfc frens. church frens too!! and dmb gang!
i believe that it's pure fate that i meet all of u guys out there.
and i really treasure u guys, and love u so so so much!
ahahah! i think it sounds like valentines' day to me today!

love is in the air. so don't pollute it k! love u lots!