Thursday, March 31, 2005

when life is getting so smooth-sailing,
i can't stop wondering is it true?

the taste of happiness

Thursday, March 17, 2005

imagine a long dark alley with an exit sign at the end.
the exit leads to freedom,
all things that you ever wanted,
so you prayed,
"God, i'll walk by faith and not by sight, lead me."
however, after saying the prayer.
you refused to take a single step,
fearing that you may bump into the walls and fall.

you won't even know where God will lead you if you don't even trust Him to guide you.
from: him.

and this is me.

and you, pick me up from this bottomless pit.

i've made my decision ((:

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

just read some of my snrs' blogs. i don't really seem to understand why they are so troubled.
but strangely, eloquent in writing. ['eloquent in writing' seems like a total paradox, but hecked.]

so i got back my results ystd. i can't really describe how i am feeling inside. i was neither upset nor delighted with what i have achieved. so was rather composed and had this hecked care attitude. actually i really don't give a d.

the c2 rojak band pple did extremely well! ((:

went town for starbucks!
had those small lil girls' talk!
miss those days in crescent with all the bitchings and stuff.
abt their rj band. abt our nj band!
watched howl's moving castle too!
it's real nice!!! the howl is like SOOOOOOOOO mega cute!
wonder why xl doesn't like it? -stupid gonghead-

pool-ed with the kfc gang. ch was super depressed!
chill ya! x) we still love u!
that stupid irritating barney kept scolding me lah!
dunno what's his BIG prob!
dan was like WHERE TO GO!! WHERE TO GO!
super highly irritating lah! blahhhhhh!
ut ya, still highly fun with them! ((:

so i reached home quite late and my phone got no batt.
got a bad thrashing from mum and sis lah.
but ya. actually i'm sorry for that.
i seriously was.
but my pride pull me down.
yet again.

i'm sorry for what i've done for not depending on Your sovereignty
but on my own weakness.
at times i really wished that christians are not that crictical and harsh.
just as what xl had said.
at times i just wanna turn a deaf ear.

but i fail to realise that You are the Almighty One.
the Maker of my life.
You are in control on my life.
You have a perfect plan for me.
tho at times my heart would break,
but there's a purpose in every change You make.
and You make no mistakes.

i love You
more than gold or silver.