Sunday, January 30, 2005

another week in njc.
my friends are super mean
they asked, why has njc stolen my life away.
so mean lah!
i think i'm a bit slower that's why i need to mug more.

i am terribly sick this week
fever. headache. flu. cough.
i think i coughed so much that my lungs are exploding.
and i bought this strepsils cough lozenges.
it really sucks.
don't buy it.
i was really desperate to cure my cough.
but it really sucks lah.
i think i am aggravating my cough cause i've been fried stuff.
cant control my desire!
yah. was so sick that i didnt go sch on tues.
ponned band on wed. ponned touch on thurs.
but i ran roadrun on fri.
my phlegm was like stuck in the middle of the throat and can't spit it out.
damn gross.

i got my first medal in njc
got 10th in roadrun! ((:

update another time!

i am having nicer snrs! x)

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

and we survived it through.
thankfully ((:

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The Lord has taken Uncle Basil home to glory. The Lord is gracious and merciful to him. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

i regretted visiting u.basil only when he was very sick in bed. He spoke so much to me but i could barely understand what he was trying to say and trying to tell us the pain he was suffering. I stood there helplessly, plainly nodding my head, looking at him who was in agony and in pain. He suffered so much afflictions, but he remained strong, believing that Lord will bring him away. bring him to heaven. And in heaven, he could finally walk with two limbs again. by God's grace, he died peacefully.

perhaps i should just settled down for once.
and perhaps this is the last chance.
will it ever end?

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

and if this time,
everything fails.
that's the end of me.


i am moodswinging lah )):
i am bloggin for the sake of doing it.

and nj has been real fun. except the part when we were flooded with difficult maths questions and econs/chem tutorials and lectures. my class is hell loads of fun and i am the president of the gossip club! ((: talking abt elvis, chi high guy and how our yr1 guys are such a dissappointment. WHAHAHAHA!! ((:

but i really miss crescent. i still feel weird in nj. real weird. i miss crescent class. crescent atmosphere. crescent band esp )): i miss the homely feeling. and an all girls environment.
guys are so NOT supposed to come into my school life)):

i'm getting a bit attached to nj tho. i'm just afriad that i will just stay there for this 3 mths. it seems like i am just being paranoid. but watever lah. i'm just moodswinging.

i'm not being ego-istic. i don't know what got over me.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

nj is definitely not that dead!
in fact, it's quite fun! ((:
my og+ogls are super duper LAME!
my family [luciano] is EVER lamer!
but it actually made orientation more interesting!

highlights since mon.
war game!
luciano rawks lah! we were so cooperative and united. attackers attacking, protected with 4 lines of defence! was DUPER cool, even though i was a bit not so enthu ):
og dinner/lunch!
my og is like mad over mind games. coffee tea, open close. fuzzy wuzzy... everything! our og had silly forfeits, like acting like a car to order food thru mac's drive through. pole dancing. CRAZINESS!!!!
mass dance!
i'm super evil lah. shan't announce everything here. but ya. i'm still waiting for my prince charming to take my hand! WHAHAHAHAHA! crap |:

bbq/dance party tmrw.
there will be more fun i guess.
hopefully lectures won't be that boring.

i'm tired.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

the pain too much to handle.
the turning point in life.
death. death...
perhaps is the only gateway to salvation. to walk with God.
and perhaps...
this is the only encouraging reason for me to delight in death.

i'm not being sadist. i'm just scare that i'll just leave this world soon. so very soon. or someone near me just die. i really can't bear to leave this world. there's so much for me to do. so much for me to accomplish. and i wouldn't want my parents/ siblings to leave to. i think i will be so helpless.

aiyeah. i'm talking crap.
spare me.

sch's tmrw.
nj, here i come.

i will miss the freedom.
and i will miss you.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain
Phi 1:21

27-29th dec.
ks retreat was beneficial. to learn to be christians in this world, at home and in school. the christian walk is indeed tough. so very difficult. to live in this world yet keep ur life away from this world.

had fun fellowship-ping with the rest of the ks/kss pple! paul's eeha game. the mini amazing race. the small talks. the little of everything in the camp! ((: really glad that we are able to break away from our small social circle and managed to talk to the others. got to know a lot of truth.
i will not be brainwashed anymore.

our choir day! voices of youth! ((: it was so awesome!! i feel guilty for being not so enthu towards the practices. but with more and more practices. i begin to appreciate singing, sing to praise the Lord, to glorify His name. wanna give tribute to the guys. they were great! ((: i always thought choir is for girls, but they proved me wrong. they showed me that guys are so important in the choir to provide the bass and tenor voices. i was so sterotypical ):
prayer and praise!
sharing was way too good. everyone was so truthful, to voice out their thought, their inner worries, their inner gratefulness towards God. so we shared and we lost count of time. and eventually we spent the new yr eating icecream in church ((:
and the first exciting thing i did, was to be a passenger on ucs' bike! was WAY TOO COOL! air whizzing pass ur face, the rush of adrenaline when u gradually increase ur speed! it was totally AWESOME! i wanna be a biker!!!! -whines! supper at yew tee! it was nice fellowship-ping. we were at 7-eleven buying the chips [refillable] and we[me,xl and paul] kept eating and refilling and eat and refill. i think we ate 2 bucks worth of it. the cashier was already staring at us lah! was so late so had sleepover at xl's place. the rest were at either josh's place or eunice's place! the guys were like rushing to send me and xl back! [that's so untrue lah!] talked to xl for a while. i will miss the christian fellowship when school starts cause i will be so packed with sch stuff )):

i wanna be a better christian.
to walk with thee.