Sunday, January 25, 2004

Why Women Cry

Why are you crying, a young boy asked his Mom?

"Because I'm a woman," she told him.

"I don't understand," he said.

His Mom just hugged him and said,
"And you never will, but that's O.K.".......

Later the little boy asked his father,
"Why does Mom seem to cry for no reason?".
"All women cry for no reason," was all his Dad could say......

The little boy grew up and became a man,
still wondering why women cry.

Finally he put in a call to God and when God got back to him,
he asked "God, why do women cry so easily?"

GOD answered......

"When I made woman,
I decided she had to be special.
I made her shoulders, strong enough to
carry the weight of the world, yet,
made her arms gentle enough to give comfort... !

I gave her the inner strength
to endure childbirth and the rejection
that many times will come
even from her own children.

I gave her a hardness
that allows her to keep going and take care
of her family and friends,
even when everyone else gives up, through sickness and fatigue
without complaining....

I gave her the sensitivity to love her children
under any and all circumstances.
Even when her child has hurt her badly....

She has the very special power to
make a child's boo-boo feel better and
to quell a teenager's anxieties and fears....

I gave her strength to care for her husband,
despite faults and I fashioned her
from his rib to protect his heart....

I gave her wisdom to know that a
good husband never hurts his wife, but
sometimes tests her strengths
and her resolve to stand beside him unfalteringly....

For all of this hard work,
I also gave her a tear to shed.
It is hers to use whenever needed and
it is her only weakness....
When you see her cry,
tell her how much you love her,
and all she does for everyone, and even though
she may still cry, you will have made her heart feel good.

She is special

Friday, January 02, 2004

esplanade concert 291203
hee hee! totally an awesome day manz! hee. esplanade is so cool.
the ARTIST LOUNGE! for the artist!--> me!! ahaha!
was in sch to practise and to tie my hair. too short to tie. but sm's sis just force hair out of my head! ahahaha! thanks sm's sis!
bought flowers for deb and mf. but all dead under my "delicate" hands!
got this artist pass! chio chio!
went esplanade and was completely walking so far to reach the back stage!
dunearn pple were real good in their playing.
think mrs chua is liking them more then us. hmphz!
dinner was a disaster. got chocs from ping hsien. nicey.
good luck msges from a lot of pple. and flowers frm deb and mf.
so guilty. their flowers were dead. sorry!
stage was cool! was perspiring. and i did alright for my solo with ruthie!
not perfect but better!! congrats annie manz!
went back to sch. and went to meet the 3 cranky guys and ginny at cityhall.
go pressie and flowers frm ginny and leaves frm esplanade frm jus dar and zs.
THANKS Alot! ginny! love u and jO!! thanks that 3 dudes.! ahaha! funny!

new year
went church for prayer and praise.
was like sorta rude to the speakers cox we were toking.
the parents looked pissed. yeah. sorry.
went esplanade on bw's car. was squeezing. phebe sat on me. numbness!
the fireworks was SO nice. AWESOME! SPLENDID! x
l, lyd and me were shouting like mad! typical crescentians.
the pple there were quite dead.
was trying so hard to meet the guys at the waterfront. was squeezing thrugh the crowd liked canned sardines. sob! was pulled by the security when we were trying to sneaked it. it was such a hard pull. nearly pull my shoulders off!!!! touch me!!! bLEahz!
anw it was fun!!!

first day of sch
went sch. dead. hmwk undone. growing older. graduating. o levels.
feelings overwhelming yeah! felt so senior.
went out after sch. suppose to be my last day of playing. *crossed fingers*
shall go out once in a week only. the maximum twice.
ahaha. shall abide to it manz.
went bowling. got my highest score. 81! jo! ginny! aren't u proud of me?
oh well! 2004 resoulution???????

You are my hiding place. u always fill my heart
with songs of deliverance whenever i am afraid.

i will trust in You. LEt the weak say i am strong
in the strength og the Lord. i will trust in you!