Saturday, December 31, 2005

i think i am starting to miss school a little.
guess i need some reality checks once again;
to be geared and armed to start studying again.

ystd, i went out to mug. in fact, i was trying to mug.
lit was still managable for me but maths was really making me mad )):

so i STARED at the maths holiday package's compulsory questions which are supposedly the foundation maths problems.
it practically took me 30 secs to recall a little abt partial fractions but in the end, i still have NO idea how to do that FIRST question. so i skipped and tuh-duh, i can't do binomial too.

FABULOUS. i am SO shit

i need maths tuition man!

it's new year's eve now!!! oh my! )):
this holidays have seriously passed too fast for me.
it's rather fun-filled but packed with work tho.

and serious, working has been REAL fun.
tho gin and i used to bitch abt everything abt gwc.
but you see, when you get involved with these bunch of people there,
[obviously there are cliques in gwc and i was sorta in their clique]
so when you do get involved, it makes it really hard to just tune back to the life which i used to have. so now, news abt gwc can really reach me REAL fast.

i actually hate being a sponge with all the gossips and news.

anw, i am happy now!
cos my mj kahkees are still as nice as ever and tmrw might be trio day
it has been so long that i meet up with old friends.

i miss church actually. blah.

oh man. hahaha the internet in the chalet sucks.
ciaos ((:

oh! i get ALL SO excited when gin talks abt lolli. hahah candyworld days.
now i feel so dumb to like gummybears. all abt innocence.

gin: don't be so blind next timeeeeee! :D

` i guess it's time to throw all my memories into the bottomless pit again
but this time, i found myself much more stronger.

Friday, December 30, 2005

decided to post some pictures taken during the trip. i ripped them from other people's album.
all thanks to me who formatted the memory card and ALL the pictures from day 1-4 were gone.

I AM SO SMART! woohoo.

shall just post some section pictures! ((:

Image hosted by
taken at some river in guan zhou! :D
Image hosted by
at the entrance of disneyland obviously.
Image hosted by
at the school hall in guanzhou where we performed STRAIGHT after we reached china.
Image hosted by
at the airport in guanzhou.
wo men yao jian hua yu. [speak in chinese!!]
haha. that's all for now. hopefully i can retrieve back some of my pictures since karwei sent me some programme to retrieve them back
-crosses fingers-
in guanzhou, the shopkeeper said that i speak in FLUENT chinese! :D
who said i was a potato or a banana!!
and in hongkong, the man can easily guessed that i was a singaporean since i speak in both english and chinese and i fell for his 2 for $100 trap. singaporeans are famous for CHEAP bargains!!!
new year resolution
  1. to stop cutting my hair on impulse
  2. to study hard
  3. to start loving my schoo

hahaha. okie i am gng for chalet already!! ((:

happy new year in advance!! :DD
`this year ends well for me at least.

jeanpok promotes a LOUSY website.
i got so infuriated talking to this igod.


jean: i was an abusive client too.

this igod sucks.
if you feel like scolding some robot, scold this. this blasphemous, irritating, computer formatted robot!!!

okie. i am blogging nonsense.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

i am in the COLOURS mood! :D
but soon my honeymoon mths will be over. like in 5days time.

and i just read smth on qiling's blog!
mr a leong is NOT going to be our ct next year!
i've completely no idea whether to cheer or not. hmm.
shall cheer for now then - YIPPEE! (((((((((:
in case i got some really thrashy teacher next year.

-crosses fingers-

i found some really funny engrish in china and hk.
like 'sports chopping centre' (sports shopping centre)
'care the lovely plants' (care for the plants), 'be on duty police' (police on duty)
and blahh blah.
it's really rather funny!

narnia was really nice!!! i cried when azlan was killed. i feel like a little kid, always crying when the hero is killed but always revived later. but i REALLY love azlan! :D

i hate being a heibi!

haha! and i think i got a little of motion sickness and snails are very cute and mickey mouse is super irritating but quite cute.

alright i am gng mad.
lear is mad.
i am mad.


Wednesday, December 28, 2005

i am finally back! :D
i miss spore except for this sweltering weather.
the trip was rather fruitful
i actually got to talk to MORE pple.

i sound super deprived.

i shan't blog much abt the trip or it will take me like ages to finish.
but it was really shopping and eating and shopping and eating.

and seriously,
i am gng to die 10 years earlier cos' it seems like EVERYONE smokes there.

xmas at disneyland was FABULOUS! :D
i love mickey mouse! and the lionking musical!!!!
the fireworks and the countdown to christmas!

but christmas this year seems weird to me.
no carolling at jemma's place.
no stayovers at xinlin's place.
no small little cards from everyone.
everything just seems so un-routine; so un-christmas.

it's rather silly of me to expect everything to be constant
apparently, this year allows this awful truth to really sink into me.
`the only constant in life is change.

hopefully this year's prayer and praise won't be that bad
that night.

i'm tired.
shall blog abt my trip another day!


my pics are half gone cos my memory card crashed.

ni hong leng. AHAHAHAHAHHA

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

i am FINALLY leaving tmrw! :DDDD

i can't wait to SHOP and EAT and SHOP and EAT! lalalala!
minus-ing the part when i hafta perform.
but shopping and eat THRILL meeee! ((:

haha! hongkong hongkong! here i commmmme!

and pple! don't miss me!!
annie will be back REAL soon

i am sad cos i can't spend xmas in spore.
but i got to spend it at disneyland.

hmm. wonder did i bring enough money!!!

cy is a hilarious shit ((((((((((((:
he and his gay partner. -whatever-

ahahaha! today is a happy day too!
everyday is happy day
except days in nj.

shan't let it spoil my mood
cos today i am HAPPY girl! :DDDD

an EARLY CHRISTMAS greetings to everyoneeee!

to rojak: we shall postpone our annual xmas sentosa trip to a new year sentosa trip!

to nienies: thanks for thinking of sending me off! will miss u guys truckloads! be back with PRESENTSSS ((:

to guardian forcers: wait for me for mahjong sessions yeah! :D

to the rest: ENJOY XMAS!!!! (((((:

anw, i am leaving at 10.15 am and reaching back on 27th dec at 2220! ((:
rem to message me on xmas!!!! 5cents only. don't be kiamp! :D

Have yourself a merry little Christmas.
Let your heart be light,
From now on our troubles
Will be out of sight.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas,
Make the Yule-tide gay,
From now on our troubles
Will be miles away.

Here we are as in olden days,
Happy golden days of yore,
Faithful friends who are dear to us
Gather near to us once more.

Through the years
We all will be together
If the Fates allow,
Hang a shining star
On the highest bough,
And have yourself
A merry little Christmas now

Monday, December 19, 2005

according to hafiz, i will blog today
so i shall blog now.

i finally got some life.
like finally.


anw! ystd was my last day of work ((:
worked from like 1pm to 2.30am! coolio bananas.
i got LOTS of money to buy presents for xmas! :D (maybe not a lot)

thanks lots to all these pple :D
just in case i'll never get to see them again.

er brothers, both mickey mouse, gaoping, liyana, liza, kailun, shuling, liangjun, kenneth, junita, guan hao, keith, xueli, caili, aunties, danny and gf, ash

the managers. lawrence, juffrin, azahar, adrain, neil, mohan, wenjun
[names are not according to preference]

and if i left out any names, i am sorry
but i love u guys too! ((:

haha. all in all. it's an unique experience and i enjoyed myself and became stronger.

i think i will go back to work one fine day :D

`you are too immature.

i am preparing myself for the trip to hk.
no more work for me. no more band pracs too ((:

sh*t lah. i've got nth to blog.

king kong is ok.
watch it on a monday-wed. it's not worth a weekends tickets
it's too long for a show firstly. the graphics were rather good.
it's a little dumb lah the show.
at least she still love the guy or else i will kill her lah
the bloody kingkong killed like thousand of pple.

i am having writer's block.
i hate it when school's starting and everyone's mugging.

time to learn when to stop.
time to know what is right.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

`please be there when i need you the most.

today is happy day :D

i think i am more than halfway back to whom i used to be in crescent

hopefully, i will learn to love nj more.
and perhaps njband.

but for now,
i am happy
cos' i know i am stronger.

Friday, December 16, 2005

most of the time, we lose it when it's the nearest to us.

i can't stop being a jealous pot.

i am leaving singapore soon
and i am ACTUALLY excited.
i'll be roaming my phone
so PLEASE message me to wish me merry xmas!
pretty please :D

apparently, this blog is only used for me to write crappy stuff
and not-so-intimate-yet-slightly-intimate stuff.
wonders how many pple read my blog when no one tags.
even the counter sucks at times.

i think i'm lost in all my emotions actually.
perhaps i've been through my emotions rollercoaster so many times this year,
i can't really express how i am feeling now.


i think the guy in the volleyball show is super cute.
and he died on the way to watch her match.
i'm so sad )):

Thursday, December 15, 2005

short hair doesn't mean you are a boy.

haha. my hairdresser can't stop harping that i cut my hair away.
but yah, it's OKKKKKK!! :D

hair do grow. -pouts-

i am a big sucker for jap/kor drama serials.
i'm watching this volleyball jap serial now!!!
-yells- :DDDDD

i was upset doing ot last night.
lucky i got caili and liyana. and maybe the twin brothers and liza. but definitely NOT the 3 little ahbengs.

i've no idea why i was upset.
but i think i know a little why.

no mickey mouse that night.
but it was full moon. at least it made me feel MUCH better ((:

today was NO BAND and NO WORK day! :DDDD
finally. i took a break. phew.
and it was my solo taitai day ((:

i wanna watch movies )):
my long lost movies-days.

`i need to rebuild those walls again.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

L is for the way you look at me
O is for the only one i see
V is very, very extraordinary
E is even more than anyone that you adore can

Love is all that i can give to you
Love is more than just a game for two
Two in love can make it
Take my heart and please don't break it
Love was made for me and you

oh. i stumbled upon this on someone's blog
and i reminds me of that night's wedding dinner.
this song was playing while the couple was walking down the aisle
and i was just singing along with it.
it was like a night of love songs.

it just occurs to me,
how it really feels to be on the stage pouring the champange?
how it feels to be walking down the red aisle with ur husband?

so i stared at the couple with admiration and envy.
just mumbling to myself. "so sweet so sweet"
i guess cy heard me.
and he gave me that oh-man-are-you-mad look.
he was actually chirpy as usual then he suddenly gave me that serious look.
i bet he finds me weird.
but thank him for the chocs even though i was the one who stole it from him.

the night is killing me.

u know,
i really dislike pple who scold vulgarities.
tho' i do it at times.
kill me. shoot me.
but pls, don't scold vulgarities.
at least not infront of me.

i wonder when will it be the day that i put down my brave front
and let the soft side take charge.
i am feeling upset now, cos i do feel the hurt you are feeling.
apparently, we always go through the same thing.
though i'm over with all my depression and stuff. sometimes it do come back to me.
like suddenly.
and i really hate it.
i feel for you.

and i hate reading your blog.
cos you update so much.
you get so many opportunities
when all mine are gone.
all gone.
tho' i hate it so much
i still feel like it's a daily routine to read your blog.
pls don't sound so happy.
sh*t. i am such an ass.

i am not weird.
i am unique.
thanks. (:

it sucks when u know u are the worst and pulling others down
where's that fulfillment man?

i miss siew today.
in fact, i miss her random-ness.


let's talk abt BANANAS today! :D
it contains 3 repetitive vowel, our royal A

i think bananas are cool yet dumb.
u can praise someone saying "coolio bananas"
or u can insult somene saying "stinky bananas"

both sound equally applicable :D

bananas are used to describe people who are actually chinese but are often westernised and have a low proficiency in their chinese.
these people can also be called "eat potatoes" in hokkien.
[this is what i learnt at copthorne, cos' they said i suck when i speak in chi]

banana reminds me of papaya.
it's cool when namers of fruits give dumb names like these.
it's simply repeating the same vowel and the sound.
banana rhymes with papaya.
and since young, i always mixed the names up.
like calling babana and payaya.

lastly, bananas are good for ur digestive system.
and during the days in crescent, the nienie family always have this toilet time. it's actually funny, when u see fanny rushing to the loo at 7:15am when she just reached school.

and ginny is apt with the skill of stripping the banana and
making it into a mini pencil box.

okie. enough of crap.

i did something real dumb during the band fest.

me and sy always used the handicapped toilet at level two. and since that's the only toilet without the automatic light switch, the lights switch was located outside.

so when sy was inside the toilet,
so i switched it on and off at like turbo speed and behaving really silly thinking i were the only one around.

suddenly, i saw these few figures looming behind me and one of them bent low and turned to me with that oh-what-you-doing look. so i looked at him with the oh-you-caught-me-doing-smth-silly look. and i was so in distraught, i wanna hide my face under the non-slip mat.

i was totally clueless,
so i just continued switching on and off the lights pretending i didn't see them and hopefully they didnt catch me doing something silly.

oh man.
i bet they were laughing their asses off on their way back.

and the first time i did the completely same thing,
i was caught by this trumpeter who thought that the handicapped toilet was the gents.

him: what were u doing outside the gents just now?
me: that's NOT the gents!!! i am NOT a pervert.

oh man.

ltt is such a lady killer with his pok face!
so outspoken and hilarious.

this sh*t is b-a-n-a-n-a-s :D

and i come to realise that i really regretted all the choices i've made this freaking year.
why can't i choose smth that will make me happier?
instead of choosing smth that makes me so miserable.

and freak. holidays are ending and my happy days are going to be over soon
my next happy days will be the next holiday which is after alevels.

for now, i am gng to look forward for hk trip and CHRISTMAS!
this the season to be jolly, falalalalala.

i've got a long gifts list! :D
presents from hongkong, friends ((:

and things may not be what it seems.
sometimes, it's just so wrong to jump into things so easily.
be sensible, worldings.
yes, me.

to you: we love you so much, always. always here for you. though most of the time, we would rather suffer all things alone, thinking we are really strong enough. but inside that bravefront, it's just another person with a mashmellow heart, that ain't strong enough to handle the harshness of the storm. we've been thru it so many times. be strong, gal :D

and to rojak, grace and joanne: i love u guys so much. to mars and back, and to mars and back again! :D

Saturday, December 10, 2005


you know what's girls' favourite pastime?
it's definitely gossiping, bitchings, gossiping and MORE bitchings.
and once the girls have the common topic,
we can click SUPER WELL
regardless of race, language or religion.

rather amusing at times when u see all the girls go gaga over a,b,c,d,e to z.
so i just joined in the fun.
but at the end of the day,
i realised it's UTTERLY draining.
being a bimbo is really tiring.
worse then carrying oblong trays.

band fest was killing my lips away.
my bloody braces was giving a slow and painful death.
and the most frustrating thing is that
and now, i play sh*t.
like REAL SH*T


and since i can't play well,
i didnt see a point in gng for band fest actually.
but for the sake of meeting up with the crescent pple!

i miss my affairde. (grace)
haha. ruth looks happier ((: the rest too! :D

there are heaps of wonderful players.
some people are just born MORE musically inclined.
and someone is so dumb to put braces before band fest and hk trip.

haha. the powerful eupho player! -beams-
and the trombone.
and lotsa lah.
i think i am weird.

i've got a fetish for malays and manly man ((:

anw, i think i am SUPER smart! ((:
i went to layne's hostel to stayover so i can sleep super early
and wake up later.
it was just 3 bus stops away from nie!!
i even took the ntu bus! :D
coolio-bananas! ((:
iamsmart :D

sh*t. i am so crap.
my cash is running lowwww.

you can't blame me for the boudaries that i am keeping myself within.
i just wanna keep myself safe.
from ALL dangers.
i am being paranoid.
but so what.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

i think i won't be bored even if i blogged another 10,000 entries abt waitressing.
since i doubt there will be another 10,000 entries.


so i worked ot on both monday and tuesday with lawrence and juffrin.
they are 2 hilarious shit even though i still can't stand lawrence at times.
but he's rather nice to me.

so i did vip on tues. with gaoping and liza.
i did the food presentation.
((((((((((((((((((((: -beams-

it's super cool cos u NOT only carry the big plate that weighs a ton,
u carry a silverware also, which weigh another ton.
but the exciting part was u get to come in last,
when ALL the rest have already reached their tables,
some sort, the attention will be on you
unless it's on the food that their waitress/ers are carrying.

so vips get to just sit and rot. while we did all the serving at the table. but they only get to eat ONE portion since we portion for them, the leftovers are all thrown away.


then i did "thanks for coming to GWC, this lift is to the carpark and this lift is to the lobby. Goodnight!"
so i stood there and greeted almost everyone lah. smilling a little like an idiot.
but everyone smiled back at me!!!!!! -beams-
i feel so appreciated LAH! ((:

OT-ed! hahaha. setting again. placed chairs, pepper, sugar, forks, spoons...etc.
like what gin said. a backstage crew.

lawrence was scary. he nearly scolded me out of my wits lah.
so i just refused to look at him and answer him.
in the end he also gave up scolding me.

and u know WHY I GOT SCOLDED!!!
cos' i corrected his english.
OH MY LAH!! o_0"

and the once-cute guy, shawn is totally un-cute.
cos' he smokes and he can't stop picking on me!!! -yells-

a little conversation with him while having supper.
people present: me, him, juffrin, lawrence, gaoping and this china girl.

me: can you stop picking on me!
him: who can i pick on here, except you?
then i pointed at gaoping!
him: she will scream, lawrence i will get scolded. juffrin to big to pick on!!!


so he gave me two names that night.
la sa po (dirty girl) and hei bi (dried shrimp)
dried shrimp cos he said i stink cos i took off my heels.
and he said i was too poor to buy stockings cos i accidentally tore my stockings.
so the whole night, he and cy called me heibi.


and they predicted that i will NEVER do ot with them anymore.
this is SO WRONG! cos i am gng to pick on them too.

hmm. and those guys(including law and juffrin) are so stereotype.
to them, girls cry easily.
i nearly killed them lah. girls' school girls don't cry easily man.

they ought to be shot lah.

and i think girls shld learn to carry the oblong trays.
yes, it's heavy,
but we must show the guys we are STRONG!


band fest today was ok.
my teeth still hurts.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

i will NEVER never ever block the way of the waitresses when i'm having prom.


i was greatly traumatise last night.
uber chaotic.

it was cool lah. but chaotic.
chaos. chaotic.

and my oversized shoes and 2-inched heels were utterly killing me slowly.
a slow and dreadful death.
my legs hurts like b-a-n-a-n-a-s.

anw. the sa band pple looks great
tho' i only manage to take a few peeps at them.
cos i was super uber busy.

sorry guys. i didn't get to serve u guys lah.
anw, u guys see how HARD my work is.
that big tray with the food weighs like 10,000,000,000 +++ tons.

but jie was so cute,
jie: if anyone in this entire ballroom bullies you, block ur way or smth, tell me. we will handle it for u.

WHAHAHAHA! hilarious shit.

and i got a free snickers cos' i lent my watch to the table that i was serving for their games.
this ungentlemanly guy had this audicity to take my snickers on my table and asked me for more. oh my lah. he thinks that grand copthorne provides snickers.

i was too traumatised last night lah.
without the cocktail session.

but i ot. till 3.30am.
things were rather relaxed after that.
and i got managers that are nice but a bad influence.
they asked me to smoke! oh my lah! i nearly kill them man.
but they are fun lah. when they are in good mood only.
cabbed home. super fast lah.

and i met 3 fabulous girls. dinnie, kailun and gaoping
they are so nice.

sometimes i wonder.
even though i only know them for such a short period,
they do show genuine concern for me.
esp when i looked super stressed or whatsoever.
but those pple that i do know,
or perhaps just friends in school,
sometimes don't even show this concern to me.

like what an auntie at work always say,
"study so much for what, don't even know how to practice kindness in life."

so apt.
so true.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

i hate being quarrelsome.

u know.
it sucks.

it really sucks.

and i'm sorry,
really am.

gotta go,
to get my butt down on serious money making.

i wanna be a workaholic
so there's nothing to care
except to be scolded by captains
and i would learn to control my ______ temper.

i can't find a word to fill it in.
shall spare all the vulgarities cos' i will be even worse.