Sunday, November 30, 2003

backache. neckache. aching everywhere. arghx!
finally had a chance to blog. ermx yeah ginny's back!!
went to watch movie ystd. master and commander. not a bad show. 4 stars.
realise crescent pple are fun pple! pple from other schs were quite amused by our games. our unique way of cheering! =)
had band. damn slack. still not in the mood of having a grand concert. *shrugs*
band was as usual. everyone came. finally. and yeah. sound o..k.. ahaha!
din manage to contact that jintai guy. think i got the wrong num. hmphx! how? don't dare to keep promoting the band. damn pai sei! but he came kfc! *shing*
worked with the chicky today. damn funny. attracted so many kids and none agreed to buy the chicky card! hmphx!!!!
yeah! went home with jonapi, danz and ch. think everyone got the wrong idea. forget it lah! let their imagination run, since they like to jump to conclusion. yeah a quote from jonapi, "i am a shy guy." i believe! [crossed fingers]

girls don't like boys, gals like cars and money.
boys will laugh at gals when they are not funny.

Thursday, November 27, 2003

hee. now only can use com in the morning. bro. ahaha. nvm.
life has been such a routine. morning. afternoon. work.
thought holidays are supposed to be different.
anw, the jin tai band major wants arnd 10 tix. yeah!! so shuang!
gonna kick the faidhi's ass manz. hate him! 5D? BLEAHZ!
gonna prove that even w/o our own pple cheering, we can amaze the crowd.
i am mean. sorry deb and jo. but it's my band.
i told jonapi that i am excited abt my concert.
his reply was. " YOUR concert? it's dunearnites." *struck* (not the exact reply)
yeah. not our OWN concert. we are just the guest band, the passerby, the intruders.
when was our last personal concert? dec 3 2001. 2001. 2 yrs ago manz.
the most unforgettable night. *shimmers*
the programme sheet is still on my notice board. *shrugs*
yeah. got scolded frm mum and dad again.
dad said i had changed. i knew i had changed. but everyone changes.
pls. i am not a kid anymore!
wadeva lah. issit my problem? -> mdm joanne.
oh well. i might as well be dead.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

got a new com!! yea. smart bro. fixed our own com. damn cheap also.
ahahah! yeah! happy. happy to the moon and back!!! =P
miss the com like crazy.
mum so funny. say i am handicapped without the com.
quite true actually.
so handicapped. anyway yeah GOT MY COM!! i rawks manz!
ahah! today first time wore skirt!
ahahah damn funny. difficulty in walking! damn girl lor! yucks! ahaha!
went out with jo and deb. ahahahaha
watch the butterfly. quite draggy but quite meaningful.

we went so far to search for it
but we didn't realise it had always been here
waiting for us. for u and me.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

There's a song that's inside of my soul
It's the one that I've tried to write over and over again
I'm awake in the infinite cold
But you sing to be over and over and over again

So I lay my head back down
And I lift my hands and pray
To be only yours, I pray
To be only yours I know now...
You're my only hope

Sing to me the song of the stars
Of your galaxy dancing and laughing and laughing again
When it feels like my dreams are so far
Sing to me of the plans that you have for me over again

So I lay my head back down
And I lift my hands and pray
To be only yours, I pray
To be only yours I know now...
You're my only hope

I give you my destiny
I'm givin' you all of me
I want your symphony singing in all that I am
At the top of lungs
I'm givin' it back

So I lay my head back down
And I lift my hands and pray
To be only yours, I pray
To be only yours, I pray
To be only yours I know now...
You're my only hope

Monday, November 17, 2003

went out to do my work coz house was damn noisy.
ferget to inform mum again. she called me. and her voice sounds shaky.
sis called after mum. "ANNIE CHEONG! WHAT DO U THINK U ARE DOING?"
i was struck. sis nv used this kind of tone to talk to me.
anyway ran home in the rain. think i am gonna fall sick.
mum was so different. she no longer scold me le.
think i am misusing my freedom.
but then i totally dunno wad to do.
i will not abandon her.
thinking abt her makes me feel like singing perfect.
wadeva. it's just too late.
oh well. i might as well be dead.

Sunday, November 16, 2003

band today. i totally screwed it up again. realised that i am not a good player afterall.
Off u go, westwind.
really wanna continue my music career but don't think i can.
music idiot. com idiot. academic idiot. -> this is who i am!
went to work. managed to convince PPLE to buy the chicky card.
some pple were so easy to coax. like *aHEm*. they so darn funny! u know whu u are!
some pple were persistent. "NO" but their heart softened when they see their child's face stuck to the goodie bags. children are easily coax. =)
yeah. got my chunky. it's the smaller version. can eat until siao le. think will grow fat manx! wHOse FAult!!!
joel joel. i dunno wad to tell u. i think i can talk to u no more. ur world is all jolin jolin. then i must get into ur world to tok to u. it's impossible!! arghx. feel so difficult to communicate!

So I lay my head back down
And I lift my hands and pray
To be only yours I pray
To be only yours
I know now, you're my only hope

Friday, November 14, 2003

friday. boring day. went for CAW in sch. was quite fun afterall.
they came. ahaha. makes me recall the days a few mths back. like one yr plus before.
my heart still wring and aches a little. those days were so fun. =)
one shan't live in the past and move one with future.
yeah acted nochalant. [i don't care anymore *shrugs*]
anyway. ahahah. it's over. hee hee.
CAW-> crap all. crap. the skit was so funny. i was suppose to act as the drip in hospital!
ahahaah.! lame!!! but better then ginny. heart counter machine!!! angelo's the bimbo!
sianz again. alone at home. mum bought rice fer me. ate the chicken. the rice didn't touch at all lorh. so now feeling hungry!!! ahahaa. waste food right!
oh well. life's like this.

"if i let u go, i will nv know. what my life will be holding u close to me. will i ever see u smiling back at me. i never know if i let u go."

Sunday, November 09, 2003

went for work. damn demoralising day. everything just dun seems to be fine.
i am speechless. i had been a fool. cheated. deceived. or maybe i think too much.
or even not.
i am such an idiot. i nearly lost my wallet again.
dropped it on the bus
lucky there was a traffic light to stop the bus or else. off go my wallet again.
hate myself for being so careless again.
once beaten twice shy. but what am i. twice beaten thrice but still not shy.
hee hee. need to go on diet again. coz last few week eat too much. now saving like crazy again.
OH i cut my hair!! aahaha!
oh well. life's like this.

i been living in the dark, pitch dark. u came and light up my world. now u wanna leave. how would i bear to let u leave? but there's nothing i can do to stop u.
ur heart no longer belongs to mine.

Thursday, November 06, 2003

tml the chinese 'o's.
whao. i am exclaiming. last week i were still enjoying myself.
and now i am mugging for chinese.
not chinese again. *screams* [kie kie ran away]
still rem how i studied for my chinese final exams.
cry and cry. the only subject that i cried.
what am i dng here now. annie wake up. u shld go study!!!
ahaha. think i am gng crazy.
"i'm not crazy, i'm just a little unwell"
shall speak more chinese manz. can't speak proper chinese.
ahaha! yeah.
chocs. i need ya now! need you!
[kie kie smiled--> there's chocs in the refridgerator! kit kat chunky!]
chinese gonna love u for one last time.
love chinese.
chinese rawks.
oh well.

'Cuz we lost it all. Nothing last for ever. I'm sorry I can't be perfect. Now it's just too late and we can't go back. I'm sorry I can't be perfect

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

today sucks big time. really sucks.
shall not go into details.
yeah had sch for a maths and chem.
the spa programme was sort of helpful to poor chem pupils like me.
went to study at mac for a while while waiting deb and jo.
passed them the bears i had a hard time looking.
yeah went home and slp.
gonna study hard for chi. tml.
oh well i might as well be dead.

Sunday, November 02, 2003

i can't say i am a faithful christian. i nv talk to Him for so long.
feeling damn guilty for neglecting Him and finding refuge in Him whenever i meet a prob.
this time really gonna pray hard that i would do well for my chinese.
*crossed fingers*
i haven start studying yet. gosh!
i am quite set in my thinking le. but i am always wavering.
me and deb got a terrific plan! *grinz*
yeah. yesterday was my one yr anniversary of work.
nov 1st.
spent that special day washing the whole kfc.
the cleaner pang se and we cleaned the kfc till 2.
quite fun. like a whole big family.
idros. khairul. heilem. yuko and me.
yeah. earned 20 bucks.
happy night!

i should have told u earlier. nv gonna hurt u again. bye

Saturday, November 01, 2003

i am once broke again. spent so much.
was given a good lecture this morning by my pop.
"i think u shld spent some time evaluating what u have done this year. don't just keep thinking abt working. why don't u just quit sch and be a waitress since u like to be one so much. it doesn't matter much whether u have a high standard of education."
Inspiring speech. i shall be a waitress. dad, u will regret it.

helplessness overwhelmed me
but self-esteem always forced me to be strong.
telling myself i will not cry.
it's just a facade. i wanna burst out in tears
but i can't.
i am numbed after such long years of holding back my tears.
maybe it's a blessing in disguise.
*crossed fingers*

gin: no matter what. i will always be here for u k! seeing u cry hurts us so badly. u should be glad that at least ur mum still cares. try to end everything peacefully k! there for u always! love u lots!

each of us is an angel with one wing. the only way we can fly is to hold on to each other and share our wings. so if u have trouble flying, i'll share mine with u or even give u mine.