Sunday, February 25, 2007

i am officially not part of the sentosa corporate staff.

it was such a fun experience. looking at all the crowds, all the pretty pictures of flowers, kids and everything, making new friends and yah, just simply talking to anyone.

cracking small talks with the avid photographers i see ALL THE DAY AT WORK at the photobooths.
so much fun having small talks with strangers and LITTLE KIDS!!!
with the sentosa nametag, i can talk and play to little kids without the mums giving me the please-get-away-from-my-kids look and all other looks they can possibly give.

i love my colleagues. esp, those at the photo booth!
mad, shuyin and KE XIN! :D
also, kavitha, my first partner for the sentosa flowers
athiya who gawked at guys with me before i got transferred to imbiah photobooth!

kexin, mad and me wanna give birth.
all the kids there were TOO CUTE! i feel like kidnapping all of them and put them in my thumb drive!!
AND!!! guan, qiling, chewy and jj came to visit me!
how sweet are theyyyyyyy!!! LOVE THEM TO BITS!

i finally took picture with this moving house in front of my photobooth!

colleagues!! once a sentosa staff, always a sentosa staff!

guano: enjoy your last few days of workk!

saw qiling, her mum and her aunties! so cute!

miss ao1 truckloads!
but friday is coming so soon. i will get to see all the alphas again!
and my chaifan aunty and uncle! and MISS N G SC!!
and mr a le ong and mrs na ir

church today was good.
the message was impactful. restoration and renewal of faith.
esp the part of the eagle taking periods of renewal to rejuvenate.

went dog-run with lyd and carrie and HAPPY!
Happy is carrie's very happy jack russell! :D
he is only a 3 mth old pup and he was so very cute.

dog-run is like a grass patch where all the dogs can run on their own, making friends with other dogs and everything.
all the dogs are PRETTAEEEE! ((:
unfortunately, i've to leave early cos' i need to rush down for tuition
and i was so unfornately caught in the rain and so unfortunately at a place where no cabs drive by.

irks. tuition is taking it's toil on me.
anw, i am giving my tuition up.
see me as irresponsible or whatsoever, but i can't handle this stress anymore.

every lesson is like a battle against everything.
i get into the battle with fear and NO confidence.
afraid that i won't be able to give the best to him.
i can't teach for nuts. in fact, i don't see myself as being competent enough to teach.

my sis said: if you cant even handle a mainstream kid, how are you going to help all those kids with special needs?

it's true. but i see it in a different light.
for mainstream kids, the main purpose of education is to excel, to do well for exams. but it aint the case for kids with special needs. the purpose of education for kids with special needs is to equip them with skills that can make them self-reliance.

life-skills and academics are different.
teachers can equip students with life skills but in terms of academics, i don't see teachers as magicians that can turn a student who always fail to someone who gets As without the student putting in loads of effort.

as for my student, i don't see a point in giving him all the answers for ALL the questions.
but if i don't do that, i will spend 2 hrs on one question.
i wish i could do more, but i could only pray that he will try his best to do well for his ca1 tmrw
3 more weeks at m c y s.
wish that more interesting things will come along.
but i am used to the monotonous work.

"pain is inevitable but misery is optional."

Friday, February 23, 2007

alright. i might be a little late/lazy but now i decide to get my butt down to some fun!! :D

check out this website:

Gimme Your Stuff

they allow you to swap stuff with people from other countries!!

things to swap!
  • stickers.
  • buttons, ribbons, beans, etc.
  • handmade/ bought ear studs.
  • books.
  • magazines
  • clothings
  • random stuff
  • hand drawn sneakers/ guitar bags/ laptop bags
  • ANYTHING YOU ASK FOR! :D (i will try!)

things i am interested in:

  • tshirts/ dresses
  • watches!! (calculator watch?)
  • bags
  • fabrics, buttons, laces,
  • postcards/ photographs
  • spunky designs
  • cultural stuff (batik from indon!)
  • books.
  • magazines
  • FOOD!
  • personal letter to me! :D

this is going to be so super cool!

anw, i must thanks sharon for this. and junying, cos' i get to know this website through junying's blog which is link to sharon's blog!

email me at or drop me a tag!! :D

here are some of my diys! check this out! click here!!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

happy chinese new year to all! :D

this year's cny has been not very different from the past cnys other the fact that i've been working most of my days of cny.

working at sentosa was BUSYYYYYYYY!! the crowds were like never ending, even when it was raining. NON STOP!

however, it was fun! :D
meeting so many pple. even though i met mostly ban glahs and chi namen on my first day of work. bet they have no where else to go too.

i was made to wear a pair of butterfly wings on my first day of work!!!

kids: MUMMY!! the jiejie got wingss!!
uncles: WHA! u've got wings! can you fly us up to the flower exhibition?
mums: see, the jiejie got wings!
dads: do you sell the wings?

these are the most common questions i've gotten for the day
and my replies were,

me: haha. yes, i've got wings. but no, i can't fly and so i can't send you up. sorry this wings are not for sale. and i can lend your kids the wings and help you take a family potrait.

so i spent the day giving out brochures, giving directions, traffic control, taking pictures and running in and out of the rain.


had debrief from 8 till 9 and rushed down for debbie's bday celeb!
we dared her to wear a 'free kisses' sign on the road AND SHE DID IT!
but no one kissed her. soo sadd

supper with affairde! I LOVE HER :D

2nd day at sentosa flowers were hectic like no tomorrow. was stationed at the photobooth for the digital photo competition. and when i thought it was slack, the crowd started streaming in, asking questions, printing photos, reviving jammed photo printers and antique laptops.

me and mad ended work late! we were the last few to leave lah!!
anw, i think i love the tourist industry!!!!

social work with tourist industry??

anw, my boss at sentosa is my age!! it's her holiday job to be a programme planner!! how cool is that? she got her job thru her sis!

but now i am back to work again!
loaded with stuff back at m c y s too )):

it's ok, 16 more days to go and i am off!!
hope that jaslyn's boss call me soon so i can go and work with her!!


Thursday, February 15, 2007

happy belated vday to all! ((:

had vday dinner with the rojaks (NOT AGAIN!!), vday lunch with uncles and aunties!
i lao hei-ed with the entrepreneur of 7 7 th street! and i secretly wished for 4 As for alevels.

ka h yo ke loves me truckloads cos' i make her laugh so much
de b bie loves me truckloads too cos' i am so cute! :D
they both love me though i am so mean to them!

vday dinner was hilarious and bitter and maybe a whole bottle filled with vinegar.
girls after girls holding bouquet of flowers.
thanks affair de for giving me one stalk of garberra which make me not look so bad

(oh, i saw ky at the holland v coffeebean. TELL ME HOW SUAY CAN I BE! stuck to her 24/7 man! and that whoever was there too!)

vday this year felt esp bad cos' we aint celebrating it in school.
i miss running from classes to classes giving small little gifts that i've made for others.
reaching school and seeing chocs, sweets and small little notes on my tables.
walking around crescent with balloons in hand and seeing others with balloons.
gawking at all the male teachers who bought stuff for their form class.
love was in the air. then.
but thank God i celebrated it with a bunch of lovely girls.
and eunice, no matter how much i spite u, you are still the best! ((:
went out with cheryl and siew on tues to chinatown!
cheryl is so teacher lah! you can see red pens sticking out of her red bag!
siew is still so siew peng!
we had loads of fun eating jelly from stalls after stalls. and mua-chees!!

and we finally get to go to chinatown!
i always tell them how much i love chinatown and stuff and haji lane and little india!
i love these places! :D

life has been so smooth-sailing.
and guess what, even though it's only one month after 2007,
i feel that ms 2007 has been VERY VERY kind to me.
bye mr. 2006. bye mdm. 2005. you looked so dark to me.

and thanks cheryl for the new year card.
and yes, may tuesdays be brighter days.

tomorrow is de bb ie's last day in m cy s )):
it seems like forever even though i've only known her for around 2 weeks.
it's amazing how people can click so quickly and how people can never get along with one another after many many years.

sometimes, i feel that proclaiming your love too many times slowly decrease the value of each 'i love you'.
how we joke arnd saying that, 'i know you love me more than i do' sounds so childish and meaningless.
it's the occassional 'i love you' and 'i miss you' that make these 3 words sound so precious.
and this applies to both couples and towards friends.

chinese new year is really round the corner.
can't wait for it actually though this year ain't that hyped up since we are not hosting the reunion dinner.
but it's the time when money starts rolling in, especially looking at my financial health now.

more good days at work to come, i could forsee.
work is dry but the people are really nice and this make work muchMUCHmuch more bearable.
my colleagues crack me up a truckloads.
and thanks ky for laughing at my jokes. deb for just being deb!
and also to myself for being so funny ((:

i love my colleagues. i love CSSD!
even though it doesn't sound as exciting as YD when they get to interview the dance floor participants, project superstar participants, olevel students and blah.
it's a different job scope, isn't it?
i get to read weird appeal letters, referrals from MPs, meeting different people who try to change the world.

there's this social entrepreneur actually looks into providing clean toilets and proper toilets for people, especially in 3rd world countries.
check this out:
but i prefer this social enterprise:

goodnight world :D

the budget's out today! we are running a deficit?!!?!
and i am pro-garment now.

my team leaders' for my aceh trip have just became parents!

cy+sy's junior!
i slept with him when i was in aceh when he was in his mum's tummy!!
i miss touch cy's tummy during those days!
so cute. his hair looks like his dad's hair!! :D
he must be so proud of his parents. they are forever doing overseas cips.
i think song went to cambodia, india, thailand, indonesia, malaysia, china and more to do relief work. think he went to aceh like 3 to 4 times already.
and ch ia ying was 5mths pregnant when we were at aceh!!
this baby experienced an earthquake before he was even born!!
if i were him, i will be so inspired by my parents.
i see a young song in the making. the next peace worker, just like the dad!
"Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow.
For what is your life?
It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time,
and then vanisheth away."
James 3:14

Monday, February 12, 2007


went down to bt merah to help the fund raising program for mad and shu's mongolia trip.
it was madness. walking down 24levels, going door to door to explain what we are doing and selling. got a few orders here and there. got people slamming their doors at us. got weird people with weird houses.

but i had a lot of fun even though my legs were breaking, my voice was coarsed, my mouth was dry and suddenly, even plain water taste like coke.

poor maddy. i think her cough and sorethroat were killing her.

went alex's church, which is xin lin's church, which is jonapi's friend's church and also tricia's church.
HAHA. it was like FRL. friendster real life.

piggy zheng slept till there's no tomorrow.
i admire her man!!!!!
cny is actually this coming sunday!?!??!?!?

Saturday, February 10, 2007

i just watched the last episode of the FH kids and i miss them truckloads.
it was sad and so very touching but thank God that they have found the orphanage.

the sad thing is that throughout the trip, i never know much about the kids' family background.
it's hard to talk to them about family, parents and siblings, isn't it?

through the show, i know that the very matured boy, agus' mother and family are staying at the IDPs and what he really wished for was a complete family despite his many friends.

he was really nice to me during the trip. he was the few boys who played with me during the beach day.
(that beach day i spent most of my time with the same group of kids)

in s inga po re, you would expect the 13-15 year olds to be highly immatured and cheeky, possess little responsibilities and are mostly just out to have fun.
this may sound over-generalising, but i remembered when i was just 13-15, all i wanted was fun, fun and more fun. who will give a damn to other people except your own circle of friends.

yet, it was so different there.
the older kids, 13-15 year olds, assume the role of being big brothers, looking after the younger kids. they are responsible of the younger ones when the teachers are too busy.
whenever I had a hard time trying to maintain order, they were the ones who always stood out to help me.

i admire their strong character, their long vision and so much more.
i feel embarrassed for myself.

i am happy for mad. i see her finding joy in doing voluntary work.
it's not enough to do it once, do it twice. it should be part of your life.
and i see it in her life.

i always question about my intentions
and now, i can proudly say, it's definitely not for fame, not for recognition.

alright. i could go on and on on this.

anw, we went se nto sa today for training. lotsa ________ people.
i don't know which word is appropriate to describe them.
our training ended early so we went to the beach.
me and mad sun-tanned and reg and eunice went to the foodcourt to have aircon.


on the way back, i met a mad person on the bus (NOT AGAINNN!)
i think this is the 10001 times that i've met a mad person.
anyway, he wasn't a man. he was like a guy, like 15-16 year old? maybe 17?
he sat behind me and he was almost putting his face into my hair.
and he was like breathing onto my neckkkk??????

i got a little scared so i moved my head a little. yet, it was still very very scary.
so i moved to the next seat which is just beside lah!!

then this malay boy sitting behind the both of us (me and the mad boy) started waving his hand to alert me.

malay boy: i think u better sit on the other aisle's seat. he's a little mad.

me: oh. hmm. alright. i realised.

then i moved to the other aisle's seat. then the malay boy (got 2) keep asking the mad boy to keep quiet and keep still.

suddenly, the boy stood up and jumped to the seat where i was sitting. it's directly opp me across the aisle.

he started smiling at me and gesturing funny actions at the malay boys.
and the guy who was sitting in front of me previously was startled.

anw, we reached the gi an t bus stop and loads of pple boarded the bus. so this aunty sat beside him (the mad boy). he started making weird noises and banged his head on the window pane. the aunty was so afraid that she started crying after 2 stations.

he kept on gesturing to others that the malay boys are mad. anw, the malay boys were really nice. in order to prevent others from sitting beside him and get a scare. this malay boy went to sit beside him.

at that's all. cos' i alighted the bus.

super scary k. he was like less than 5cm away from my HAIR!! AND NECKK!
you can actually hear him breathe and FEEL HIS BREATH!!

i was quite traumatised. badly.

what are we supposed to do if we see a mad person?
who are we supposed to call? is there even a hotline to call?
why is he left alone?
why is no one looking after him?
and why am i like every other, ignoring him and giving him the coloured looks?

but, i remembered jiejie sayin that in this kind of situation, i shld do all my best to protect myself.
i still remembered that time i quarrelled with a mad man. and it was bad enough.

somehow, i wished i could do more. at least notify someone.

well, all is done. i hope he's fine.

a better day to tomorrow.
a better day to a better human race.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

my back and my arms are aching )):
the office chair sucks.

debbie gave me famous amos biscuits.
internal joke.

i think i am proud of Si nga pore. i really do.
why are s inga poreans always complaining abt the g o vt?

but you see, going to work is taking its toil on me.
and it's not because i am too stressed or anything, it's because i got nothing to do.
i wish for more; more work, more exposure, more understanding.

i don't know. and i can't blog. cause my mind ain't working

Friday, February 02, 2007

it's so boring at work cos we got practically nothing to do.

anw, i am happy now cos more pple are talking to me online to kill my boredom!
cos she always hit me!!!

HAHAHAHAH! like now, she's slapping me on my back!!!!
damn. she's gng to stalk on me everyday cos she just found my blog!!

haha! but k ha yo ke, i still love you.
at least until march 16!!!

anw, today on the bus i did smth i so wanna kill myself.

there was this guy who put his bag on a seat so when i went over, he still haven move away his bag, so i sat opp of him (you know those back facing the driver seats).

another lady came and prompted him that she wanted to sit but he still didnt remove his bag, and so the lady sat beside me.

at that instance, i was like thinking why is he so evil, and you know the S T O M P website has a lot of pictures of these kinda pple. i was like these people need to be educated man.

being a loser, i just secretly complained.

another lady board the bus and that was the only empty seat left. so she sorta prompted the guy again but he was still nonchalent. so the lady tapped him on his shoulders and he finally removed his bag.

when the lady sat down. SHE ACTUALLY STARED AT HIM AND ROLLED HER EYES AT HIM! (a bit too much la!)

so the bus went on.
oh a sidenote, i finally saw h ui shi at the bus stop!! ((:

then suddenly, almost reaching my busstop (macritchie there). that guy took out his white cane (fyi: white cane is the one that the blind men use.) and went up to bus driver to tell him when to alight.

at that instant, i wanna kill myself.
i nv feel so evil in my whole entire life.

anw, i redeemed myself ((:
cos i helped him over the overhead bridge and he is damn niceeeeeeee!
he talked to me ever so nicely :D
oh, and he said i sounded like a young teenage girl (which i am)
so he shook my hand and went to the hospital!

oh, my area is filled with blind pple cs there's this association for the visually handicapped just opp fa r e ast fl ora (where my mum is working)

and ystd, me and debbie helped two blind men on the bus.
(debbie see!!)

haha. okieee! healthy lifestyle in 1hr and 10mins!! :D