Tuesday, May 22, 2007

i realised i am not exactly a very optimistic person, in fact, pretty far from being that.

work's fine. pretty alright actually.
you just need to smile and act blur through all troubles and criticisms.

like what qiling have written that she can't work under criticisms and condemnations,
neither can i. it just brings your morale down a threshold.

but the happy thing is that i realised my colleagues are oh-so-nice! ((:
even with the kodak booth guy (omg, he is damn cute!)
i like it when we all feel the same sentiments, which means i am not alone! :D

anyway, the other day i made the little boy cry cos i burst his balloon was so my fault
i was tryin so hard to be a smart alec.

we have to keep the kids' balloons cos they can't bring it into the zoo. they looked so upset that i promised them that i could turn their balloons into dogs, giraffes and more.
so when i was twisting the balloons, one of it burst. (SHITTTT!) i seriously didn't know what to do. so i went around the area looking for balloons. at cheers, the retail shop and also at kfc. kfc only have those round balloons with the old man printed on it.

the rest of my colleagues were busy laughing away i tell you.

then i decided to be real honest. (maybe not cos i wanted to tell them that it burst when we kept it due to our carelessness) anyway, one of the balloons have been twisted into a dog already so it would be pretty obvious that i have been playing with the balloons. so i decided to twist it back to the long long balloon.

so wrong. cos it burst again. now left with one white balloon.

shit. thank God we have some orang utan softtoy to spare so i decided to use them to bribe the kids. so at the end of the day the kids came happily, trotting out of the gate beside cheers and skipped to me with their maids holding them.

boys: can we have our balloons backkk?
me: haha! you still rem your balloons?

boys: so can we have them back? (even the maids were looking at me expectantly.)
me: hmm. hmm. I AM SO SORRY COS THE BALLOONS BURST! but i got orang utans for u!

maids, mum and boys were damn bloody shocked
but maids, mum and 2 boys were super pleased with the orang utans except one boy.

him: I WANT MY BALLOON! x 10000000000000
me: i still got one left. you want?

mum: better not. just in case all 3 start fighting for it.

-boy still crying and me looking at mum helplessly and passing her the orang that the boy refused to take-

mum sensed my desperate cries for help, carried the boy and comforted him. she then glanced back and smiled at me. at that instance, i so wanted to bury myself in a hole and suffocate myself to death.

smart alecs ought to be shot.

my new work politics: work smart to cover yours and your colleagues' asses.

i saw jinnie and the jurong gardens school kids coming to the z o o for camp ((:
i miss those days that mistakes will be easily overlooked.

what will you do if your friend lost her trust in you?

Friday, May 18, 2007

today's a REALL busy dayy! we had full tours the entire day and i did 2 out of 3 tours!!!
but the worst thing was that i made a kid cry like mad when i burst his balloon )):


work's gettin better.
you just ignore stuff and see the better things.

the other day when i had my off day, i went kboxing!
chinese songs have never been that interesting! :D

we were singing the grasshoppers' ai bu ba song.
damn old school!!!
and i looked damn dark in the pictures!
one day i will go to zoo on my off day and take a truckloads of pictures of the animals i so love!
the chimps are my new fave!!! :D RAH the baby chimp!!
cows in the zoo are in fact quite outcasteddd.
work tomorrow.
i am so so so burnt out!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

my hamster died. how bad can yesterday be?

daddy was the first person who realised she was dead. so he came into my room and slowly and calmly broke the news to me. "hamstie is dead."

she was all cold and bald (she's really old so she's dropping fur)
i was kinda scared cos' this is the first time i am touching a dead 'body'
it looked like a peaceful death cos' she was in her sleeping position and with eyes closed.

almost 2 years of being part of the cheongs family.
she's abt 3+yrs btw. way over her normal lifespan which is a comfort to me.
i am not that bad as an owner.

i can't imagine myself as a keeper.
looking after the animals since young till they are old and dying.
there was a chimp keeper who switch to looking after baboons after 19yrs cos' he really can't take the heartache of losing any of the chimps anymore.

i buried hamstie and it looks like a grave.
it's kinda dumb on my part (since everyone laughed) but this is the best i could do for her.

life goes on.
what's in the past will always be.
my life is hardened. proven. period.

for hamstie,

night safari has a complicated buggy route. on my way! :D

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

i just cut my hair super short and i am so upset!
the z o o didnt like my slanted hair so i have to cut it away.
sob. it's worst then school, worst then n j!
how can!?!

the animals shall be my strength to hold on.

it's too saddening to blog abt kbox and off day today.
off to bed.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

BACK!!! ((:
i enjoyed myself a whole bit :D
the sun, the sea, the sand, the stars, the smiles! all the 'S'!

but we were damn screwed up initially!
the organisers (me, mad and eunice) totally didnt check the dates the agent of f ive sta rs tra vel wrote on our receipt and stuff and she wrote 9 june instead of 9 may!
we were damn shocked lah! didn't want to go back with our luggages!
so we sorta negotiate with the agents over there and after half an hour (which is supposedly our departure time) we finally got rooms in the hotel and seats on the bus! :D
even though by the time we reached there, we got no rooms on the ferry to redang and no rooms since it was very late last night and the agents havent pay the resort!
but in the end we still boarded the ferry and off we go to redang! :D

snorkelling was new. quite interesting actually but marine animals are not exactly to my liking!
but it was still real fun!!
i really really really like it a lot a lot!!

didn't really have a lot of pictures with me cos i never really did use my camera!
loads with shuzk! :D

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

i can drive the buggy now! forward, reverse and parking!
who needs bbdc when there is driving lessons in the zoo!?!?!

i did my first full tour yesterday to an irish dad, batam and singapore boy.
the irish dad met a pakisthan lady, gave birth in both batam and singapore.
really complicated background! but the tour was neat!!!!! :D

qiling and i ended up on a night safari tram after having a super cheap stingray at the night safari's ulu ulu restaurant!!!
qiling is damn good at getting staff price!!

off to redang tomorrow!! :D

Sunday, May 06, 2007

the kayaking pictures are super nice!! :D
i am gng redang in 3 days' time! CAN'T WAIT!!
we are gng to play loads of games!!
7 monks! 7 monks!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

more campha people at the zoo! :D
i hope there will be camps in the ZOO!

i'm going to the zoo zoo zoo
how about you you you?
you can come too too too.
i'm going to the zoo zoo zoo

me and grace joined the few ac girls (qingyu, tricia and ky) down at children aid society to tuition the kids!
haha! i had this pri 3 kid, hari and his friend joined us too! it was terribly funny :D
didn't know what to teach him after a few maths problems so i asked the teacher what should i do. the teacher just asked me to teach anything, anyhow teach also can.


we started gossipping. hari's friend was telling me abt the girl hari likes and blah blah!
they told me some random stuff about school. did some random stuff.
hari started cat fighting with another boy and his friend told me cos' they both like the same girl!

how cute is this! ((:

and i taught them how to do the 'Everybody Dance Now' cheer when i am supposed to help him with his academic work!!!

so please please don't hire me as a teacher!

supper with grace and ky!!! i am meeting grace wayyyyyyyy too often!!

happy bday ash!! xinlin got a boyfriend with a funky ahma!!
oh, and thanks for inviting me to ur NON-CLICHE birthday bash!
and there's no need to buy a present for best friend's boyfriend right?

the taxi uncle was hilarious ((:
what's media corp?

keeper's attachment tomorrow!
i get to wear the keeper's boots and feed the butterflies, cockroaches, pigeons and LEMURS!
and hope i see flossie and her baby :D

random keep-in-touch
it's so over.