Friday, February 18, 2005

just a sudden impulse to blog.
rather stagnant with all my bloggings and stuff.

05S24 has been a great class! ((:
it's like some sort of gambling den with bridge, daidee and mahjong everywhere.
not that bad lah. won't stress me up! x)
even if they are mugging like mad at home, it won't bother me.
i just need the fun in school!!!

i'm so selfish.

went rj's concert today!! their sch is big as usual.
met up with rojak band!
miss them so much. really. really!
miss playing on stage too!
every band having concert.
only nj band playing in sch. during lunch time)):
i wanna play on stage!! -whines-

i am afraid. when everything is getting so serious.
when my heart is still wandering.
when the expectations for me are so high.
i am just uncertain.

Friday, February 04, 2005


i am back! frm my hiatus! [is this how u spell it?]
shall reply tags!

i know u are my fellow loyal taggers with mel! ask him to come tag lah! ((:

aye! my blog not dead yet k! i do update but now not so much time! i want more sticky chewy chocolate!

i miss u so much! i think we shld meet up lah! with the rest! wonder how u guys are dng. take care! ((:

thanks sharon! hope we can make ligoon's bdae a memorable one! ((:

u don't ego arh! i will beat u one day! xP

i needa slp.