Wednesday, June 30, 2004

i wonder how am i gng to get back to the past.
i wonder how much pride have i lost.
i wonder how many bears have i drawn.
i wonder. i wonder why...

feeling that i'm all alone in this world.
feeling this coldness frm the world
that i've never felt before.
feeling a sense of solitude,
or perhaps just loneliness.
no one understands how i'm feeling now.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

new layout.
kinda preparing myself to get back
onto the path of a sec4 student.
new motto.
new purpose.
new aim.
new life.
gonna start everything afresh.
hee hee! =]]

annie's smiling =]]

Monday, June 21, 2004

*new pics uploaded.
kinda crap.
but well.
what's new!

mon is so NOT going to come.

finished the whole meteor garden.
pls don't scold me for wasting my time.
but it's real S W E E T!!!

i wanna have a meteor garden love story.
-come back down to earth

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

i am sick of all these crap.

i feel so weak in my faith.
so so so vulnerable.
whenever i wanna defend my belief,
i will be left ... ...

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

life gives you a thousand reasons to smile.
life gives you a thousand reasons to cry.
will u rather choose to smile or to cry?

went out with gin.
like finally we went out together.
miss her so so so much.
i miss u so, gin.

have been rather silly these few days.
impulsive. reckless. troubled.
why am i feeling all this?

love brings happiness.
love brings sadness.
why do people still fall in love
even though it hurts so much.
so much till u don't even have
the strength to move on with life.
it hurts that much.
i never know.
i am so living in my fairytale land,
those kind of 'happily ever after' endings.
must the world be so cruel?
can't a person's heart be faithful forever?
why does marriage fails?
because that passion has died?
because they are finally
aware that they can't stand each other?
are marriages base on love or commitment?
love. love. love.
where is the love?
what is true love?
where is my love?
i decided to stop and
devote my love to my friends, family and God.
God, i love u so.

i love u Lord and i lift my voice
to worship You, O my soul rejoice.
take joy my King, in what You hear.
let it be a sweet sweet sound
in Your ears.