Monday, February 16, 2004

best valentines' day i ever had.
not a romantic one definitely but one that u realised how fortunate u are to be brothers and sisters in Christ! agape love!
hee hee! ks had a agape banquet to celebrate valentines' day.
it just happen to fall on that day. and
perhaps it's to tell us the importance of love between christians friends.
learned so much. afterall it teaches us not to take friendship and fellowship for granted.
the whole banquet was much of a conincidence.
xl and lyd. had a nice time i think!
esp xl! hee hee! that one!!! ahaha
the guys were soooooooo sweet!
i was expecting like smth chaotic out of them. but it turned out perfectly well except for the dry ice thing! but yeah i think they deserved a credit! =P
the gals were good too! esp the impersonating thing! soo cornified!
feelin rather guilty for not gng to the practices and can't sing properly... hee hee *grinz*
the dinner was fun! the serviette catching fire and waitress ganna complained.
andddddd dar is such a glutton! eat and eat and eat!! ahahahah! he was complainin that he was hungry even before everything started! *shake head*
yeah! oh well! had a fun time! yeah esp the heels! hee hee!
anddddddddd looking for the poster barefooted.
and making everyone wait for us! hee hee!guilty!