Monday, March 26, 2007

the pretty organisers for the redang trip ((:

we went for the natas fair and took a good whole 3-4 hours at ONE (note it, JUST ONE!) booth, the booth for our redang trip. we didnt even get to walk around within the 3-4 hrs. i walked in, found mad and eunice and sat till we cracked out brains, burst our handphones and made the promoter wait for 3 hours before we finally made our bookings.

so rojaks,
it's settled, 9-12 of may! :D

i got my job at the zoo :D officially.
had my induction, which is a tour around the zoo with a very experienced senior.
the polarbears are called inuka and sheba.
a tigeress called minnie cos she got minnie mouse ears.
2 cotton top tamarins called toto and tata!
i love the small elephants! i shall change my fave animal to elephants!
hahha, HOW CUTE IS THIS! :D :D

oh!! will be having a really long training. should last at least abt a month!
and i am gng taiwan, so i will drag it for a even longer time.
i will get to enjoy all the feeding shows (hopefully go behind-the scenes too)!!
OH!! and i will have a zoo keeper attachment for 2 days! :D :D
you know, i always wanted to be a zoo keeper!!! for the cows?

jeanopok insisted that i have to add this on. so jeanopok, pls listen up!

i am back to knowing all my animals in the zoo.
i am now a proud owner of a 24-pages script -_-"

so small and cute! but the golden hair one is cuter!!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

one of the kids drew this for me. and it reads, "ANY JIE JIE!"
so when on earth did my name become ANY officially? haha!

the few of the few instructors that i really got to talk to (or crap with)!
sam ((: my mirror and the bear!
and yes, I SEE JASLYN!!! we were in the camp as so she proclaimed that she wanna see me!
but apparently her blog stated otherwise! haha!
my mirror should stop calling me jocelyn! I AM ANNIE!
this camp was short. was it even a camp? oh, let's just call it a one day event.
hmm. life's hard. kids are hard. teachers are hard.

but it's still seemingly enjoying :D
and i still love the ART house a lot. A LOT!
and we even got the opportunity to step into the chamber and sit on l ee kua n yew's chair!!
(i didnt get to sit cos the teachers and kids were! i must act professional!)

i should stop getting a pri 3 camp!!

after the camp, i have to get down to raffles place for the SIF appreciation ceremony.
and i need to change into a dress!! and i brought the wrong shoes!!!
so i hafta scout arnd for matching shoes around raffles place and whoohoo!
i got a really nice pair for only $15!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

we took a pic with the president too!! i changed out of my dress soon after the big shots leave.
my aceh eyecandy was there too! haha! so over.

and our newest addition for project coast2coast is SO CUTEEEE and SMALL!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

gonna put more pics for the ao1 dinner.
we actually took a lot more, but i guess many are too unglam to be put up!
like with khairi's nose and unique wardrobe!

went our with my 2 bestest friends from the sentosa flowers ystd!
athiyah and the sentosa express bugger. HAHA!
and who's he? that's for me to know and for you to find out.

was kinda funny cos i am supposed to accompany them to shop,
but i ended up shopping quite A LOT!
BUT NO! I DIDN'T SPLURGE!!! i just went to window shop alright!!
it was real fun! :D
even though i only worked at sentosa for 3 days, i got to meet really nice friends!

anw, me and liyana (pita) went to the zoo for interview!
and the pple (interviewers) were really nice and liyana got to meet a new guy
and sorry pita, i think cos' you still working?

alright. pics update!
btw, i got new battery for the cam! so now, it can be long lasting! :D

i think i seriously look like a malay -_-"
i miss kaijie.

oh for the zoo job,
i need to carry the snakes and catch big gigantic cockroaches! -SCREAMS-
but i am GAMEEEE!!
and i get to drive a buggy!!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

the different various outings over the week.
trio has our first stayover this year! my last work-related outing with kahyoke! and farewell dinner for guan cum ao1 class (6 pple) dinner!
i am badmooding.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

i love being alone.
so much.

life's too smooth-sailing to be true.
i hate saying that cos' bad stuff will start occurring.
the previous time i said that in my blog, loads of stuff happened after that.

trying to look for another job. so while waiting for camps (that rarely come to me) i can still survive on the other job.
money issues suck.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

i just ranted a truckloads but i deleted them away.
publishing it will make me seem like an ignorant, self-obsessed, spoilt, immatured and unconsiderate brat.
it's seriously killing me )):

stop thinking that it's an obligation that i am so passive, mellow and whatmore.
i am dng it for the sake of all of you. to make you guys happy.
and i am depriving myself from all the fun, life and youth i am supposed to get before i lose them to the harmful clutches of time.

part of me wanna be the annie a long time ago.
strong-headed, irritating, fast to anger, rebellious and everything
when i still get my way.

i just want to make use of my long break before uni starts
can't i? is that too much to ask for?

a few pics from camp thanks to ya oxing

that's all. it's hard to juggle ms nice and ms evil.

Monday, March 12, 2007

the weather is so hot )):

and am i supposed to start applying for uni now?

Sunday, March 11, 2007

happy morning to all wordlings! ((:

no kids. no shoutings. no rahrah-ing. but a quiet, peaceful morning.
kinda overly serene actually.

first camp is worth being nostalgic abt right?
not exactly nostalgia. but yah.

now, i finally understand why jas kept losing her voice.
cos we shout so much, so long, so loud as if the whole entire states can hear us.

kids were cute. seemingly cute. actually they were cute only for the first few hours after camp starts and the last few hours before camp ends. the rest, enough said.


the sun is like the heat radiated in a burning furnace. it was like microwave real life.
totally red.

and i thought working at sento sa flowers make me know sentosa at the tip of my fingers,
boy, i was wrong.
anw, that place looked totally deserted and abandoned.

learnt loads of cheers. and i feel dumb preparing cheers that are extracted from kids' songs.
cos guess what the kids said,
"we don't like songs, cos' they are so LAME! they are for kindergarten kids!"
hmm. point taken.

and some of the kids were real quite, some can't stop talking, some can't stop moving.

and i have a kid whom i thought has mild A S D
kinda freaked me out when he suddenly stopped talking, started looking on the floor and when u lift him up, his body is flimsy and if you just let go, he would take the shape of where his hands have landed. you know, just like a puppet.
the teacher had to carry him up and bring him to the sickbay.
but he came back to join the grp in less than 10mins and smiley as before.

i kinda sympathise with him. the kids refused to partner him. and i find it painful.
so very painful. hurling rude remarks, making evil gestures.
but wait, he ain't that goody boy too. he wants his own way too. and it does make me angry.

reminds me of the time at P C F.

one more week in m c y s. i think i will miss that place.
and the people.

i am ending here. but i wanna give credits!
if they do happen to chance upon my blog.

to ja s,
thanks for sharing this job with me!! :D
guess you are enjoying your camp now!

to my mirror grp instructor, super sexy xi ang xia ng,
hmm who on earth calls himself super sexy. haha. and i would rather call you that sexy thing instead. but thanks truckloads. you're like a lifesaver. cos first camp matters loads to me. to motivate me to continue. thankfully, things went fine and the kids were happy.
that's enough. just as long as they are happy.

and my 'sister' (according to ve ron)
thanks for being so nice, making me feel like i have known you for a long time.
it's kinda hard for me cos' everyone knows almost everyone and i know nuts.
by the end of the day, it's kinda tiring to go socialise again.
thanks for coming up to me and making my day! :D

more good days ahead! :D
and thank God for everything.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

i am back :D
this 45 hours of fun, sun, 8 years and going 9 kids, endless naggings, cheers, occassional (maybe not) scoldings and stares, loads of 'everybody dance now'

i am so tired. went to slp at 3 am and was woken up at the girls who were sleeping in the hall at around 5 plus. and they actually slept at 12am!
when i laid down in my sleeping bag, i can still hear their screamings, noises, complaints and everything ringing in my ear.

off to bed. before my bro kills me.
more SOON! cos' i got LOADSS TO share!

one kid wrote in the evaluation form
"i love my instructors because they are very sweet. xiang xiang is sweet because he gave me sweets and annie is sweet because she is sweet!"

how sweet! :D

Thursday, March 08, 2007

i am going for my first camp tomorrow :D
that means i am officially ja slyn's colleague!!!

but i am not doing camp with ja s tomorrow
gonna meet new people, make new friends, so life at camp won't be too unbearable.

would be taking a camp of primary 3s from d e la sel le pri!
primary 3s should be quite cute right? PLEASE TELL ME THEY DO!
thank God it's near my house so i won't need to wake up THAT early even though it's still really early.

today was a really good day :D
i quit snappin at ky! HAHAHA!
and told her a truckloads about my nj days, esp those with s24 and a01 ((:

went down to tampiness north P C F to visit this little boy with autism
it seems really hard to put a special need kid into a mainstream class, especially when the class strength is 1 teacher to 25 kids.

(FYI: P C F are the P A P kindergartens)

i am really into this field. kids with special needs. it really interests me alot. alot. alot.
i am happy, so as long as i am with kids. but i am definitely not cut out to be a teacher who teaches academic stuff. i will lose my temper and pray so hard that i could open their brains and insert the information in.

hahaha. learnt a lot over this field work. even though we are there for audit purposes.
saw this kid who was damn cute

and i played with this bunch of kids.

boys: you how old? -giggles-
boys: -giggles damn loudly- you bluff people. i also six years old. but you so tall!
me: [squatted down] now i am same height already!!
boys: you squatting of course shorter lahhhh! you are big 6yrs old. we are small 6 years old!

haha! how cute is this! :D

then they were doing blow art. blowing the paint to make an art peice.
this little boy put red paint on his fingers and threatened to put it on my face too.

me: orh hor! i tell my daddy you bully me
him: you very baby leh! paint on the face cannot wash away arh!

so mean right!! haha! but also so adorable!

hope my camp will turn out greattt! :D
activity's at sentosa! i can see guano! ((:

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

can everyone just stop telling what i should do?
it's not as if i am leading a damn bloody screwed up life.
so staying out late, hanging out after work is wrong?

i am being so snappy. guess i am pms-ing big time!

and ky, i know i ain't a very nice person to work with cos' i am constantly being snappy. but since u are the only one i spent my entire day with. i could only snap at u. sorry.
twisties should be fine as an apology. i hope.
my per capita is lower than you.

sore. really sore.

life ain't a bed of roses, isn't it?

that was cheesy.

i need endurance, patience, more love and peace, dear Lord.
guano, you are supposed to pray for me right? ask for all these for me.

is it bad to be not a goody goody kind of girl?
is it bad to sin?
is it bad to possess evil thoughts?

i feel so short of glory.

doing so much more and getting so little.
this world's kinda cranky.

earthquake in indo nesia today. after shocks in singapore.
what can be compared to that one in aceh. haha! loads of fun!
in donesians are a strong lot. natural disasters one after another.
hopefully ira's fine!

i learnt a lot today. thanks to Pat ricia for P C F
it's interesting to learn about all these. seriously do.
i am gng to read up more. a lot more.

home visit was definitely an eye-opener. it would be good if we could do more.
but good enough.

it's good to have the go vern ment as a backing.

1 week 3 days to end of internship.
my youtube and dailymotion are working :D

Sunday, March 04, 2007

did i tell you that carrie's dog, happy is damn cute?
happy's a jack russell, 4 months old and very very adorable ((:

brought happy to west coast's dog run again!!
managed to stay till late cos i got no more tuition!! YAYEE! :D

it was like a haven for jack russells.
happy met other jackies like molly, a 3 mth old pup, russ who loves happy, hemma, a really reallly pretty jackie. anw, hemma means hope in korean.

so cute.
i wanna get a dog so i can squishy squashyyy.
there was this lion-bear lookalike dog. not sure of it's breed actually.
but the dog has so much furrrr!!!! SOOOOOOO NICE TO TOUCH!!

i walked happy! so tiring.
need to stop him from getting his paws dirty, need to run with him and everythingg!

family dinner was like any other. it's just getting smaller over the years.
i met my cousins, aunties, uncles, NEPHEWS AND NIECES!
my nephew is actually older than me. he's 1987!

anw, the world is evolving.
getting pregnant at 9 yr old?? a majority of sec 1s and 2 actually approve premarital sex?
and out of the majority of them, abt 30% had sex before!!
SEC 1s and SEC 2s ONLYYY!!

what on earth was i doing when i was sec 1 and sec 2?
pissing my chinese teacher off with zhi xin, enjoying band, gawking over seniors and getting booked for having dirty shoes

hahah. but definitely not thinking abt having sex.
hahaha. me and my condom story!

nights worldlings.

Have I not commanded you?
Be strong and courageous.
Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged,
for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.
Joshua 1:9

Saturday, March 03, 2007

with God's grace ((:

i went for interview at ja slyn's company!
the jere my looks so passionate in his job!

being a camp instructor seems to be a different kind of education.
it's an education that is not results (academic) -driven.
it's on letting the campers, the instructors to be on a journey on self-exploration, team-building and more.

it's so much like me when i went on my aceh trip.

i hope i will make an impact on someone's life. in any way.

Friday, March 02, 2007

it's finally the day.

jumbled up emotions. but strangely, i have been feeling this unfounded calmness within me.
maybe i know that whatever you expect would most probably be not what you get.

work is ending soon. but work is beginning to look so much more interesting.
next week, i am gng down to visit some kindergartens to see how they function under our fundings.

2 more weeks.

and jas' boss haven call me yet!!
the ccf guy haven reply me too )):

there's a trip to india, anyone?
i am considering, hopefully mummy let me go. -crosses fingers-

missing mungkin nanti. missing those days that i were free.
today's one of the days. but i am receiving my results.

the only comforting part of the day is to see my a01, mlwives, section mates and other the people i've known in nj (like the canteen aunties and uncle!)

we shall see.
let go, let God.