Thursday, June 23, 2005

with zhao and sy!
triple outing! ((:

jay looks ermx. average.
WHAHAAH! mad is gng to kill me. jeannnnnpok also.
but he looks VERY GOOD when he cry!!!
it's so fun watching with funny pple!!
sy just cant stop shoving me lahhhhh! and zhao was seriously crazy over jayyy!
at this part of the show, i was talking SUPER loudly then the person infront turned back. super malu-ated!
and we ended up shopping a little though we all said we needa go home and MUG!

more rojak outing after common tests!
FCUK shopping trip!
and nj band concert!! ((:

i am beginning to disbelieve that happiness is so easy obtainable.
i am really cynical.
my heart is fading.
it's stopping
i just wanna pass.
pass on to the next phase of life.
but i can't let go.

i can't

Sunday, June 19, 2005

major moodswing-ed today

i used to blog so much abt my moodswings
but now.
i dont even frequently update my blog for the past few mths.
until this mth.
"this month is the happiest time of my life since 2005"
quote frm dora.
so true.
NJ is damn shit lah.
jc life is damn ass.
shan't complainnnn!
i am planning to go clubbing.
lyd, xl and me! AHAHAHA
and dora is being influenced by me!
YIPEE! ((:

can't wait for common tests to be over.
i wanna get retained and leave nj! ((:

leong's family is ultra funny ((:

Friday, June 17, 2005

visit the singapore's night safari!!!

enjoyed it like crazyyyyyyy! esp the tram rides and the show!
nocturnal animals are REAL cool, though the rhinos were like rotting their life away
like what's new lah. the animals in the zoo do the same thing. ROTT!
so a MUST-GO! ((:
ultra sad, 'cos i nv bring cammie (my camera)!

ystd night was fun! ((:
shan't describe.
or else
nice things will nv come twice -winks-
i love holidayyyys! ((:

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Image hosted by

me and jeannnnnnnn pok at sentosa! x)
were busy trying the shades!
she and her refractive lens ((:

Image hosted by

me and ginBABE ((:
taken a long time when we were back in crescent canteennn! x)
miss the food in canteen!
less fattening! cos' NO fried food!
crescent's healthy living policy! x)

i am so bored. BAND today was super slackkkkk! saw alvin leong with his SCREWED hair! WHAHAHA! so happy to see him being SCREWED! ((: [screwed is a bad word, according to fannyMommy, means having sex]

i fall in love with carrying BIGBIG brollies to school when it's raining! ((:
i won't get that wet and i look like an
AH SOH! x)
and i share my brollie with FRIEND.
(perhaps the few i talked to)
i like. BIG BROLLIE! ((:

i don't really enjoy BINGO but it was quite fun playing with the rest of the hornists. esp weixian. he is like a real big MAJOR JOKER! WHAHAH! joke all the way! but i reckon i am quite good at childhood games, regardless of numbers or alphabets!
champion of deprived childhood!

so boring.

jeannnnn pok promised me a BIG SUNFLOWER for concert!
YIPEE! ((:

Monday, June 13, 2005

i am a little upset.
no one visits my blog anymore )):

no more entries bitching abt ethanol seah
no more entries abt town trips with my families.
in fact,
i am really affected by the band.
seriously affected.
i used to wonder that i could just put on a heck care attitude abt what i really feel abt the band.
i used to think that band pple are bunch of losers.
i am the sore loser.
cos' i can't play well and i don't give the positive attitude towards the band.
but i played my part.
i don't pon even though i really feel like it )):
i just feel that going for band is more like a responsibility than passion which was what used to spur me on. crescent band spirit! and how i admired mrs chua.
anw, that's not the point.
the point is,
i feel really alone in band.
like just being there for the sake of being there.
no one will even realised my absence or presence. blah. except when mr leong mocks at me in front of the entire band.
like whateverr.

i have enough of ranting.
perhaps i just want attention.


Sunday, June 12, 2005

new skin ((:
anti-racism x)
was talking about these bands with jean ystd. she said i need it critically cause i'm a major racist.

i confess.
i decided to change. no more racist jokes!

fannymommy left,
miss her so much! she's still superduperr sweet! ((:
miss the nienie family.
in fact, i miss my old life.
i miss the old band.
i miss the old school.
i miss the old class.
i miss the old me.

i am not a major attituder.
i try to mix around. i tried.
but i can't. i can't stand losers.
give me up, please.

oh whatever.
rant as i might.
but no one will care.

and i am missing someone.
someone who used to talk to me online.
someone who always cheered me up.
someone who i always enjoyed interacting with.
someone who always play minesweeper flag with me.
things will hopefully be the same.

i pray.