Thursday, September 30, 2004

new skin! x)
and it's BLACK!
i thrived on black layouts now! =D

we started on our intensive lessons. mock tests. prelims papers.
how i yearn for movie marathons in the school hall.
how i wish everyday is class picnic in botanical gardens sch hall.
how i wish. -ahbishhhhhhh!- )):
i will love school if i were the minister of MOE! ((:

had a sense and sensuality talk yesterday.
i reckon it was funny! x)

10 ways to handle a break up! x)
1) eat lots of CHOCOLATES!
2) go to the beach and scream to the sea.
3) find a new interest.
4) make more new friends.
5) voodooo doll! use ur slippers and hit him hard manz! xP
6) go ardcade and play the crocodileo or daytona
7) talk to someone.
8) eat buffet. in fact, eat NON-STOP!
9) watch comedy
and lastly
10) ... ...

this was the activity mrs rupa made us do lah! cute right! x)

ss mock test tmrw. 3 hrs mock paper. sigh.
what a mockery,
yet again. )):

1 more week to out of crescent. this is getting quite sad.
i bet i will miss all my friends and families. all these fun, sorrows, happiness, gossips, moments of anger that we have shared.
1c1'01` 2c2'02` 3c3'03` 4c3'04! x)

`come break my stone heart.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Image Hosted by
the skater girls! =D

Image Hosted by
my 'baluku'/ bruise!

Image Hosted by
my fat bandaged hand and me )):

i fell off the skateboard and was dragged by it. fell straight on my butt and balanced myself with my left hand. my LEFT hand is now bandaged.
and SO fortunately, i'm a left-hander, so i cant write now lah. even if so, it's still a pri school kid's handwriting. so BIG!
i'm handicapped for weeks lah! x(
andddddd i dont wanna go sch tmrw.
i'm still gonna learn skateboarding.

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'lady in me' day today. look at the pro nienie family!
the activities were crap. but taking pictures was fun =D

will upload all the pics when my hand is better.
pics at east coast park, when skateboarding and 'lady in me' day!

stupid paul scare me with a crooked wrist.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

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trio at the beach! x)
we were under the tree, so it's quite dark and i sort of adjust the contrast thing.
quite nice right! =D can't see our faces though!
we are the

chinese. oh my chinese!
there was no flowers at all in our chi paper today!
but there was william hung and s'pore idol! x)
look how HAPPENING my chi teachers are!

trio outings always end up in a park. be it, east coast park or west coast park. but no matter what, it's aways so super duper NICE!
fun FUN fun FUN! =D
lunch-ed in town. and bus-ed to east coast park.
ECP was so so so crowded. with bladers boys and girls. cyclist. bbq-ers.
super hunky surfers!

Image Hosted by

they were like SO PRO! and funny. one guy was like posing for us to take his pics. then he was so shy that he ran away! so cute! they have nice hot figure! not 6 pacs, but it's nicely tanned! x)

going home was fun too! ((:
basically, it's always fun with all my family, gang, clique, force! x)

and it's confirmed.
lydia is an american advanced technology idiot.
she still cant manipulate my camera!! took her thousand years lah!!
i still so love her! ((:
so love my trio! ((:
see you guys on the beach of DESARU! x)

Friday, September 24, 2004

it's YET another day to saturday.
one more day to freedom for 5 days.
5 precious days to enjoy before we start studying
for our dearest o levels.
this is so so so tragical )):

when the whole entire world is
enjoying their days after prelims,
i'm hanging here, drained, looking at the chinese words.
people call chinese an unique language, they have words shaped like pictures, thus they are a form of art.
is this what we call chong2 yang2 mei4 wai4?

i'm not procrastinating.
i'm just dreading. yearning. hoping. tempted.
my will-power is failing me.
one last paper. one last lap. one last hope.

`you were afterall,
my wonderwall )):

Thursday, September 23, 2004

it's ANOTHER day closer to SATURDAY!!
yipeeeeeee yaya! =D
it's super heartenin tt saturday is comin in 2 days time.
before sat is also chinese day.
c h i n e s e.
all i know abt chinese is that stupid mudan flower that don't bloom
and mrs sim chatting with the scholars during class.
it's so unfair that the china scholars
just need to flip their books and get
and the poor s'pore students
mug till their heads drop and get
a BIG U-lookalike 'C'

i have a bad premonition.
i can see zhao laoshi and her evil threat.
"see how i will strangle u to death if
u continue to get this lousy results."
[translated from chinese]

mac-ed with mamasan wife and sam at kap today.
we were playing some detective game. we were asked to look for this special item. i went up first. acting nonchalant, but was actually looking for the special item. ginny came next. we found our target with our item. as we walked, we were thinking of plans and ways to get our special item. we acted suspiciously, covering our faces, exchanging whispers, ended up in giggles. sam came along. we were uncertained. we had no idea how to get that special item. we crept, walking on tiptoes. and we decided to ask for our special item. and we got it! =D

andddddddddd! guess what!

our special item is...

the macdonald's coupons! ((:

it was so maluating k! the poly girls were laughing at us.
the poly guy was SO shocked
to see three girls approaching him.
his eyes were as big as SOTONG balls! x)
we acted like ah sohs! looking for cheap deals!
but who can resist the mac's offer!

2 sundaes for $2! ((:

`It's not always rainbows and butterflies
It's compromise that moves us along
My heart is full and my door's always open
You can come anytime you want.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

had my worst paper. PHYSuckICS.
i seemed to undergo a catalytical cracking in my brain!
had a splitting headache after the paper.
and the catalyst was my dearest physics.

i'm happy cause it's over! ((:
westmall-ed with fanny! bought my buttie-fly md! =D
and downloaded all the com's songs into the buttie-fly md!!! HAPPY! YAY! ((: fanny is so rocking!

had a disturbed sleep last night.
i remembered 4 of my dreams.
and it was all so crappy! x)
on average, a person will have 7 dreams a night.
those with very sound sleep with have none.
those with disturbed sleep will remember most of it.
so i assumed that i had a disturbed sleep.
and i think the culprit is PHYSuckICS!!
[everything is physics' fault lah!! xP]

out of my life.
but in my mind.
you will always be there,
no matter how hard i try.
it's still there.
but i know, i won't be back to that original spot again.
not ever again.
expecting nothing, but hoping for a miracle.
and when the miracle comes, i'll be over the moon! x)

i can't wait for saturday!
i'll bid farewell to my dearest prelims! =D
andddddddd have trio outing with neoprints and food!

i love tmrw cause there's no school ((:

i'm back to the before june holidays' happy mood! =D

`i yearn for nothing more.
my pride pulls me down.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

i'm watching WILLIAM HUNG on tv now!
he's so FUNNY! with a capital 'F'!
weird channel u,
they always have funny pple on their programmes,
and people like me, are entertained by it!
is this part of the entertainment business?

i'm using studying chem prac to be online! =D
what a FABULOUS excuse! x)]

today was so fun!!! =D
i always feel so alive on sundays! with trio in church.
even though we are sort of ostracised/ outcasted,
it's still so DELIGHTFUL!
as the 3 of us are together! ((((:
we were planning for church camp!!!
DESARU, here we come! =D
we gonna jam and rock the whole hotel down! wooooohoooooo! ((:
going to learn skateboarding after prelims!
yayee! double YAY
and we gonna bring the skateboards to desaru!
alright, this is the fact that i don't wanna acknowlegded.
'O' levels are not over yet )):
but well,
olevels, prom, desaru, bangkok,
xmas countdown, 2005 countdown[fireworks!]

cant wait for all this shit to be over
and all the fun will just come! ((:
i'm so happy today! =D

my physic tuition teacher is like SOOOOOO efficient!
he got ACSi prelim paper for us to do!
and that prelim paper was dated 14 sept 2004!
SO SO SO SO SO efficient lah!
and the paper was difficult and confusing )):
it's not my fault that i suck in physics,
cause physics is PHYSuckICS!
got it?

can't wait for church camp! x)

`will i ever feel the rush of andrenaline again?

Saturday, September 18, 2004

i'm in the clutches of this evil technology, I CAN'T STOP COMING ONLINE! -whines-
i've no idea why, but i'm thriving on changing my blogskin! it's real fun! =D

i've no idea where i am heading now.
motivated by nothing. led by plainly vain expectations.
and i think i'm still dreaming
dreaming of the impossible.

the christian testimony in church is
definitely a boon for others.
not from the adults, but from us.
this is indeed...
i hope everything turns out well for you guys.

Friday, September 17, 2004

due to my sudden impulse to write the question number for my geog paper,
i wrote the WRONG question number.
anddddddd my whole qustions will be marked WRONG!
15 marks gone! )):
karen tan was nice. she told me she will be lenient.
lenient to a small/large extent?

but i'm glad that prelims are coming to an end.
d e a d e n d.
i'm ready to go fly kite for the first 3 months! =D
it's f u n, i reckoned.
when everyone is studying in a jc for first 3 mths,
i'll be at paul's shop`P.osh selling brownies and cookies
or even waitress at the shangri-la hotel.
[this is not a bad choice tho! ((:]

physics, oh my dear physics.
you kept me close to you like gravitational force.
you kept me moving on further to love you due to inertia.
and every moment[s], i will think of you,
be it anti-clockwise or clockwise.
i keep you right inside me as we undergo
total internal reflection.
your sound hit me right there,
regardless of the pitch or amplitude.
i love you cause u are like gamma radiation
that penetrate through my stone heart.
i love you cause you are


-whahah! -winks-
rawks my socks! ((:

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

i underestimated the capability of my dearest teachers,
yet again... )):
i overlooked their ability to set papers
that are of a certain standards which are
highly u n a c h i e v a b l e...
they wanna see us ending up being
waitresses selling ice creams,
or even those who stand by the escalators
to give out leaflets which are being dumped into the bins.
and all thanks to them...
crescent is gng to be HIGHLY awed by other schools

*the information below is super important!
a MUST read!


The growing Indian discontent with British rule erupted on May 10, 1857. The sepoys, who were Indians trained by the British as soldiers, heard rumors that the cartridges for their new Enfield rifles were greased with lard and beef fat. Since the cow is sacred to Hindus, and the pig is abhorrent to Muslims, all the sepoys were outraged, and they mutinied. Although initially the mutiny was spontaneous, it quickly became more organized and the sepoys even took over the cities of Delhi and Kanpur.

This mutiny was harshly crushed by the British. On September 20, 1857, the British recaptured Delhi, and in the following months, the British recaptured Kanpur and withstood a Sepoy siege of Lucknow. The British victories were accompanied by widespread recrimination, and in many cases, unarmed sepoys were bayonetted, sown up in the carcasses of pigs or cows, or fired from cannons.

read it and you will ace your social studies!! -kapui!-

** so teachers, ah sohs, o levels candidates...

what are you waiting for?

grab your bags and snatch for crescent prelims papers!

SURE 6 A1 one!

-whahahaha! )):

Sunday, September 12, 2004

i'm online again! )):
and i'm upset!
my whole crescent msn contacts is empty!!
which means...
everyone is studying!!!
but i am so tempted, tempted
come online!

this temptation is too much to be resisited!

Saturday, September 11, 2004

my fave poem!


Not a red rose of a satin heart.

I give you an onion. It is a moon wrapped in brown paper.
It promises light, like the careful undressing of love.

Here. It will blind you with tears like a lover.
It will make your reflection a wobbling potato of grief.

I am trying to be truthful.

Not a cute card or kissogram.

I give you an onion. Its fierce kiss will stay on your lips,
possessive and faithful as we are,
for as long as we are.

Take it. Its platinum loos shrink to a wedding ring,
if you like.

Its scent will cling to your fingers, cling to your knife.

-carol ann duffy.

this poem is so intricating. it's so apt and it touches you right there.

one may wonder why an onion to express her[the poet] love for her valentine. but in fact, the simplicity of an symbol of love is the most effective tool to bring out the power of love. the peeling on onion is like the 'careful undressing of love.' this reveals that the action of love is slow and carefully done. we often say we got 'too serious too soon' in a relationship. this clearly shows that love is not being fast and furious and being all passionate. it takes time to reach this special intimacy that only 2 people will share.

love is indeed painful. hurtful. filled with 'tears' and it's 'lethal'. love is not all abt lovey-dovey, honeymoons, sweet-talks or whatsoever. it's deadly too. 'knife' inflicts pain. like how love does. love is tested through trials and trials will nv stop to bring couples to numerous testings. however, when love is strong, nothing will be able to bring an end to it and it's through trials that we find our each other's strengths and we find the couple's hearts linked as one.

alright. so one short essay of love. when i first received this poem, i was like
'HUH! ONION! this girl super cheapskate lehx!'
but well, who knows how it hit me right there after exploring the beauty of it ((: