Wednesday, October 29, 2003

went town. watched movie again.
matchstick men. nice nice! better compared to intolerable cruelty.
the twist was AWESOME! a MUST WATCH K!
yeah. everything went well. like we used to be. *crossed fingers*
so many things happened between all friendships.
with ko. with ying. with lyd and lin. with nie gang. with deb and jo. with myself.
love nv fails and friendship nv fails.
i believe that friendship can always outlast love.
arghx. so much had changed.
today. yeah. at first was feeling quite weird.
but slowly we get back into what we used to be. the gang of three.
i once believed that a gang of three will work well
but i realised that 2 is a company 3 is a crowd.
i nv regret being a part of the gang. but sometimes the one who feels leftout is the one who will hurts more which is me.
rem the time when i try to be part of the them. tried so hard. but to no avail.
found jas. but ended up in misery after the sentosa thingy.
nv regretted knowing jas. she was the one who pushed me to study. found her really nice. but the friendship was just not close to the heart and is not strong enough to withstand everything. yeah. broke up in misery.
jas: if u reading. i nv tell u how much i treasured u last time. we were nice pals. yeah. really glad that u found ur own gang in c2. really hope u will be happy. dun be too sad or troubled. cheers!
yeah found new friends in c3. nice pple. really love c3. really nice class as compared to c2 the pple in c3 are really bonded. yeah love the nie nie gang. love u guys!
and of cox my dmb gang. deb and jo! love u guys. hope we will always be musicians. dun care abt position and honour. look at me. i got nothing but really trying very hard to love band. yeah love urselves k! gotta play well for esplanade k!

love needs no fear. love is not shameful. love will not fail.

Monday, October 27, 2003

didn't go sch today. unable to wake up.
was planning to study chinese. but can't make it.
deb asked me out. an idea struck me-> go her sch!
yeah. jo and deb sneaked me into the sch. so fun!!
their band room was so messy! can't take it. so help them packed.
great achievement. ermx. dunno. their band is like different frm our band actually.
sometimes really wonder wad am i in band. senior. just a senior.
it really doesn't matter whether i am there not.
yeah. they are proposing a band camp. i would really love it if i were the annie that i used to be. but too late. it all comes too late. i am NO longer that annie.
i really wanna turn back time. arghx~!
yeah. love band. really love band. but not the pple. not the past. not the bond.
sometimes i feel so useless.

help me turn back time. turn me into the someone i used to be.

Sunday, October 26, 2003

com down. was so lonely. nothing to do at all.
was so sad. miss my blog so much.
blogging is so addictive.
lost my wallet. like the second time.
held back my tears for so long.
but still break down in tears.
was alreading controlling. but too overwhelming.
went for a run. sprinted for the first lap.
yeah tears became sweat.
good way of not crying.
so helpless when i lost my wallet. like i am all alone by myself.
it's true though. but deb was helpful though.
anyway LOVE myself for being so CAREFUL!
he came but he left when i wanted to leave. didn't see he go! arghx! if he would stay a bit longer. i could have tag behind him.
oh well. i might as well be dead.

love me cause i am who i am.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

yeah. finally blogging.
didn't really have the mood to blog.
just lazy.
deb and joel freaked me out k.
thought i made deb walked the wrong step.
false alarm.
deb: i care so much do u know!
results. better don't say.
freaked myself out. ahaha!
but dun give a damn lah!
so many things to think abt le.

sometimes i got so weird i even freaked myself up.
l laugh myself to sleep it's my lullaby

Sunday, October 19, 2003

back from work.
saw a cute guy. real cute! =P
if he comes tml. i am sure to get his number.
maybe i won't.
should i?
ahahah! many say i am boy crazy but isn't it better then falling in love with gals
oh well. i am quite mad now!
hee heee! can't wait to see him!


Saturday, October 18, 2003

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is this really me? ahahah! gotta be true cause i think i am super loud. right ginny?

updating my blog finally. was really busy. also dunno for wad shit.
but BUSY.
yeah. today last day for sec 4.
i think i will be damn sad today if nothing had ever happened in the past.
but so many things happen and totally affects my attitude towards everything.
found that it's useless to feel sad or wadeva wad.
anyway just let the past go. the only thing that i can find comfort within.
yeah just hope i will put everything behind and try to cooperate.
with my head strong attitude, don't think will work well.
yeah. wadeva lah!!!!!
yeah. this me. and will always be.
i miss the "old" sec4s. i really do.

sorry seems to be the hardest word.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

my bdae today!
lit and chem was a killer today!
anyway my bdae was ok!
used to this kind of low morale bdae. anyway my father din even realise it was my bdae. bet that my bro don't know too!
joel was so nice and sweet. he said treat him as my brother. ahaha! thanks joel! =P
hee hee! thank DEB TOO! DEB, u are the best manx! love u like crazy!
ginny too! ahahahaha thanks for staring at the phone 2 mins before i. i think i receive it on 0000! xP
love everyone! was so touched know! first time. esp when i am at low morale after studying lit and chem.
thank! =P happy 15 to myself!