Thursday, December 15, 2005

short hair doesn't mean you are a boy.

haha. my hairdresser can't stop harping that i cut my hair away.
but yah, it's OKKKKKK!! :D

hair do grow. -pouts-

i am a big sucker for jap/kor drama serials.
i'm watching this volleyball jap serial now!!!
-yells- :DDDDD

i was upset doing ot last night.
lucky i got caili and liyana. and maybe the twin brothers and liza. but definitely NOT the 3 little ahbengs.

i've no idea why i was upset.
but i think i know a little why.

no mickey mouse that night.
but it was full moon. at least it made me feel MUCH better ((:

today was NO BAND and NO WORK day! :DDDD
finally. i took a break. phew.
and it was my solo taitai day ((:

i wanna watch movies )):
my long lost movies-days.

`i need to rebuild those walls again.


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