Saturday, December 10, 2005


you know what's girls' favourite pastime?
it's definitely gossiping, bitchings, gossiping and MORE bitchings.
and once the girls have the common topic,
we can click SUPER WELL
regardless of race, language or religion.

rather amusing at times when u see all the girls go gaga over a,b,c,d,e to z.
so i just joined in the fun.
but at the end of the day,
i realised it's UTTERLY draining.
being a bimbo is really tiring.
worse then carrying oblong trays.

band fest was killing my lips away.
my bloody braces was giving a slow and painful death.
and the most frustrating thing is that
and now, i play sh*t.
like REAL SH*T


and since i can't play well,
i didnt see a point in gng for band fest actually.
but for the sake of meeting up with the crescent pple!

i miss my affairde. (grace)
haha. ruth looks happier ((: the rest too! :D

there are heaps of wonderful players.
some people are just born MORE musically inclined.
and someone is so dumb to put braces before band fest and hk trip.

haha. the powerful eupho player! -beams-
and the trombone.
and lotsa lah.
i think i am weird.

i've got a fetish for malays and manly man ((:

anw, i think i am SUPER smart! ((:
i went to layne's hostel to stayover so i can sleep super early
and wake up later.
it was just 3 bus stops away from nie!!
i even took the ntu bus! :D
coolio-bananas! ((:
iamsmart :D

sh*t. i am so crap.
my cash is running lowwww.

you can't blame me for the boudaries that i am keeping myself within.
i just wanna keep myself safe.
from ALL dangers.
i am being paranoid.
but so what.


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