Tuesday, December 06, 2005

i will NEVER never ever block the way of the waitresses when i'm having prom.


i was greatly traumatise last night.
uber chaotic.

it was cool lah. but chaotic.
chaos. chaotic.

and my oversized shoes and 2-inched heels were utterly killing me slowly.
a slow and dreadful death.
my legs hurts like b-a-n-a-n-a-s.

anw. the sa band pple looks great
tho' i only manage to take a few peeps at them.
cos i was super uber busy.

sorry guys. i didn't get to serve u guys lah.
anw, u guys see how HARD my work is.
that big tray with the food weighs like 10,000,000,000 +++ tons.

but jie was so cute,
jie: if anyone in this entire ballroom bullies you, block ur way or smth, tell me. we will handle it for u.

WHAHAHAHA! hilarious shit.

and i got a free snickers cos' i lent my watch to the table that i was serving for their games.
this ungentlemanly guy had this audicity to take my snickers on my table and asked me for more. oh my lah. he thinks that grand copthorne provides snickers.

i was too traumatised last night lah.
without the cocktail session.

but i ot. till 3.30am.
things were rather relaxed after that.
and i got managers that are nice but a bad influence.
they asked me to smoke! oh my lah! i nearly kill them man.
but they are fun lah. when they are in good mood only.
cabbed home. super fast lah.

and i met 3 fabulous girls. dinnie, kailun and gaoping
they are so nice.

sometimes i wonder.
even though i only know them for such a short period,
they do show genuine concern for me.
esp when i looked super stressed or whatsoever.
but those pple that i do know,
or perhaps just friends in school,
sometimes don't even show this concern to me.

like what an auntie at work always say,
"study so much for what, don't even know how to practice kindness in life."

so apt.
so true.


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