Wednesday, January 31, 2007

i love today! it's like one hilarious shit!!
we had an intern gathering!!! debbie from SPRD! (she LOVESSS sprd!) atiqah, christine and the indian guy from YD

ok, SPRD is strategic policy and research department
YD is youth division!
now my division is called comcare and social support, formely known as social support 1 (SSD1)

anw, we met and had lunch at the prata house and it was super super funny.
in fact, i think i was making the most noise -_-"

debbie visited our divison and we visited hers!
i love my divison now! :D
yet to visit YD. shall do it soooooon! visit atiqah and christine! :D

the world is damn small!!
debbie is act. grace and joannie's friend!! JO's BEST FRIEND IN EXACT!

i have a new email addy!!
i set it up a long time ago to join the m i l u b i n g yahoo group! [PLEASE KILL ME!]
anw, it comes into handy now ((:
cos i cant be sending official emails to pple using my mightyannie acct!
i have had enough poking fun of!!! in sch, at work!

haha. anyway, i have my office number too!
and i have been adding them into my official emails.
so cool cos i got pple calling me for official business. (just when i was telling kahyoke that our phone is so useless)

ka hyoke (my fellow intern in SSD1) is funny :D
i love her eyebrows!

having lunch w my sup, asst sup and dd tomorrow. hope ka hyo ke is joining!
and fri, we are having healthy lifestyle day on fri!!! going kent ridge park!!

i think debbie will kill me if she reads this.
but i am glad i am not in sprd! and i think my division pple have a life :D

haha. enjoying myself even though i aint go much life




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