Saturday, January 13, 2007

presenting to you,


according to grace, it doesn't look like hafiz.
and please, please dont question me abt my soft spot for malays.
HAHA! i still wanna eat barbequed pork for cny :D

this was a pretty disturbing t-shirt for our team to handle

and this was like a rainbow to our many difficulties.

and behind every smile, every scar, there's a story.

walking down the aisle of communal living. and true-blue multi-purpose rooms.


do come down to vivo on the 20th for more photos :D

we took almost 5000 photos during the whole trip, which is just 12 days. so we took like 500 hundred pics a day!! LIKE OMGGGGG!

but i like the concept of photo jounralism :D


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