Saturday, January 06, 2007

now i can finally use the net openly. for the past 2 days of internship, all these things have to do privately and discretely.

i never know how tedious it is to go thru 101 search engines until my internship started

alright job scope for internship is bascially do all the miscelleanous stuff for the permanent staff.
things like research, research and MORE RESEARCH!

i am in the social support division 1 doing research to improve lives of the poorer families in singapore. in fact, the poorer people in singapore lah.

not as noble as it sounds cos' i thought i will be doing interaction with them and talking to them but in actual fact, i am just dng policy research.

i mean, i'm still dng my part to improve the society but i was expecting something more direct.
but it's ok! :D
it's God's will. (according to me and sis) ((:
and i believe i will make an impact on someone's life.

my mum refuses to let me go mongolia )):

oh! I AM HAVING A PHOTO EXHIBITION for the aceh trip

it's organised by southwest cdc and there are other vwos participants.
there will be a rock concert after that. from 6-8pm.
exhibition starts from 11am to 10pm!

please come :D

do come down.


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