Wednesday, January 24, 2007

the ella show is making me miss school so much.

like this <-----------------------------------> x10000000000000 much.

miss having breaks with 3sub gang
miss skipping lit lectures with my sagc.
miss chai fan stall
miss the dessert stall aunty
miss mambo no.5 uncle
and i actually miss MS NG!


the worst thing is that i take 157 EVERYDAY! so i pass by nj everyday )):
and i cannot get down the bus and walk thru the school gate and scan my attendance card.

i can only stare thru the moving bus window and try to spot people that i'll know.
like mr m enon and mr t ong. (since they are always on the field)

irks. can't wait for school to start
hopefully i can get into uni!!!

hmmm! i am trying to get a weekend jon at sentosa.


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