Tuesday, January 09, 2007


working in the govt sector is not easy. serious.
i think we as singaporeans should start standing in the shoes of the govt.
instead of complaining of what the govt can do for us,
why don't we think what can we do for the govt?

i don't know.

but when i was reviewing the policies in other countries and try to replicate them in singapore,
i find it hard to not include the govt to spearhead the program.

it's so hard to imagine a total philantrophic action to be led by private enterprise (on a large scale)

so is singapore not a welfare state or is she one but not by name?

i am so worn out. sitting in the office. reading through websites, papers, studies pondering how it will ever be implemented in s'pore.

kudos to the policy makers.

i am in love with peter pan! :D
(FYI: it's an indonesian band! and many many chinese love it - may be a sweeping statement.)

tentang kita and mungkin nanti :D


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