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project coast2coast part 3

i know this is getting a little draggy and a bore but i really want to write down what happened over there.
so just allow me to indulge in this small world of myself.

20 dec 2006 - Day 6
i am in the cooking team today!
so while the rest woke up early in the morning, i got the opportunity to laze on the bed :D

breakfast prepared by the cooking team yesterday.
(FYI: our grp names are cumi-cumi (sotong), breakfast (my grp) and kepiting (crab))
all names in bahasa except "breakfast"

the rest of the team went back to FH for lessons while my grp sat and waited for the labi-labi to come fetch us to the wet market and supermarket.

as i've said, the wet market was really wet but it's very organised.
a section for beef, a section for vegetables, a section for chicken.
when i've the pictures, i will show you how they slaughter the chickens!!

shopping at the supermarket was like rushing for time cos' the labi-labi came late then we need to be back home to cook lunch for the rest of the team (by 1pm!!)

so we rushed and rushed.

specially invented by annie cheong :D

don't ask me how i did it. i just did it ((:

so menu for lunch was
1) mango fried rice, kavitha fried rice, vegetarian fried rice
2) black soy sauce ayam
3) choc banana fondue.

so the rest ate and left. then we stayed to clean the house. mop the floor. sweep the house. empty the rubbish and it was time to cook dinner again

dinner was less hectic cause we had a power shortage so there were little things we could do.

i cooked vegetarian noodles for dinner.

menu for dinner:
1) fried egg noodles, fried tomato/ chilli noodles and my vegetarian noodles.
2) sardine fish
3) stir-fried cauliflower and cabbages.
4) tomato sausages and potato
5) agar agar (which was a failure)
6) A&W rootbear with icecream :D

had dinner. then debrief then facilitation.

during facilitation session, we had this programme called the "life journey"
we are supposed to draw our things that have happened in our lives that had shaped us into what we are today.

i guess that was the best night ever. i learnt so much. shared so much.
you would be awed by our circle of trust we shared during the short trip.
despite us being friends for only a short time, everyone shared, everyone voiced.

the thing is that i realised that,
even though we are from all walks of life, we share one common passion
which is to serve. not in big ways, but all the small actions along the way.

it opened my eyes to a world beyond myself.
i see the world now as a whole, a bigger picture. just simply by taking a step back.

ths facilitation session didn't end until 3am in the morning (which is 4am in singapore!)
but so much to be shared :D

21 dec 2006 - day 7
was super tired after ystd's late night. but today's programme is one of the main highlight for the trip.
and do you know that aceh is famous for its beaches?

i woke up late for my breakfast duty so i volunteered to clean the dishes and cups after breakfast. sorry the breakfast team who woke up early to prepare breakfast :D

two labi-labis came. a new black labi labi with mirror at its door.
when i first saw myself in the mirror, I GOT A BIGGGGG SHOCK! (our house does not have a mirror)
is that me? what's with all the mosquito bites on my forehead?

went to the beach and saw the kids on the bus.
you should see how they squeeze about 70 boys onto a bus. it was like a sardine bus!

was drizzling a little but it didn't deter anyone of us to NOT PLAY on the beach.

played frisbee monkey. kite flying (the kite was drenched even before it went up to the sky so failed attempt!) volleyball with the girls and lots more of frisbee with the boys.

the kids are really kampong. they taught me how to catch little fishes with my bare hands!!!
was quite turned off by the slimy bodies at first but after you get the hang of it, catching fishes was a breeze! :D the kids caught a few bottles of fishes for us :D (but i let them go at the end of the day)

i tried body boarding with wooden planks. when the waves come, you just lean on the planks and let the waves sweep you away. IT WAS REALLY AWESOME!
boonhan, you suck at this! xP

was pretty alone that day (just with the kids without any of my team mates) but i really enjoyed my time with the kids. there were a few boys who will come and play with me when they see my sitting alone :D (they were the ones who caught fishes with me!)

talked and played with the darruseleum team! :D
i see how their eyes sparkle when they are interacting with the kids.

ended. back home. showered and down to canadian red cross for a dialogue session with their representatives. (freddy works at canadian red cross)

saw the 2nd flushable toilet at their office :D

one of the main question for them was
"how long would aceh need to return back to the days before the tsunami?"

home. packed dinner at home. debrief and rest.


23 dec 2006 - day 8
interaction with the kids at the 2nd kindergarten that 1st and the 2nd team built.
lam teh kindergarten. it looks so much better than the one that we went previously.

only about 12 children turned out that morning since it was raining the night before.

haha. taught them chicken dance. played musical chairs, london bridge and more.
the kids left and we stayed at the kindergarten to practise our cultural exchange dance.

slept and waited for lunch.

after i woke up from a nap, saw a few village kids in the kindergarten. played along with them and was super hilarious.
their language sounds alien to me and my english sounds alien to them. so throughout the whole conversation, we just blabbered and them laughing away (most likely laughing at me!)

tried stealing one of the kid's bike to cycle. but was too small for me to cycle!

lunch was FAB! (from a chinese cafe!)

after we left the kindergarten, gave some sweets to the village kids. then when the labi labi drove off, they ran after us.

left and went to their museum. it costs less that 10cents to go in??
quite enriching and also quite boring.
the historical sight was when all the guys came out early to sleep under this aceh traditional house.

then we had interaction with LP3I. (last interaction with them)
played captain's ball. had a hard time explaining the game to them. then due to extreme fatigue from insufficient rest, we played truth or dare. so just need to sit in a circle and do dares.

then it rained heavily and it was time to part.
boon han had a fan club and laiyee was the manager!! and a girl likes alvin! haha!
hilarious shit ((:

dinner at the place where we packed our lunch.
had mee tiaw (kuay tew in singapore terms) and my teh susu dingin :D

went home and the sports grp from darruseleum team was at home -BLINKS!-

debrief and did the ten questions on "more about aceh!"
day ends :D 4 more days left for the trip )):

alright. i am getting a little bored of blogging :D

it's 2007 today!
new year resolution: totally clueless.
lead a more purposeful life i guess :D

selemat malam worldlings :D


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