Saturday, March 18, 2006

today i got out of my comfort zone.
and it was fun :D

A01 is a nice class ((:
JKJK SAG today

how can you stop loving someone whom you love so much just not long ago?
is love that superficial and shallow now?
or maybe it's just them?

looking at my friends, just make me wanna fall in love
lovey-doveyness.they are definitely objects of envy ((:
reassurance: God will provide.

gin, jean and me were talking abt living together if we REALLY REALLY can't get married. then we will be like FRIENDS, staying together and having endless slumber parties with a little conflicts here and there.

but yeah, it's better than living and dying alone right?
and i realised that you can't NOUN someone,
so i cant heart qiling anymore.

dating is a very sensitive issue among the nienies.
anw, jean suggested that we shld have a lot of flings and NO HUSBAND!

anw, i wanna blog abt the bbq,
but i'm so tired. so i'm gng to do it tmrw
OHHH! we barbequed jas' lit notes. LITERALLY. hurhur.
and i was ps-ed by qiling )):

it's very important what friends you mixed with.
birds of the feathers flock together.
the bad mixed with the bad.


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